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Day 4 – American Barn Stories – Ft. Atkinson, WI

We woke to cooler temperatures and some rain but by early afternoon temperatures were in the 70’s and the sun was shining.  Locals had their car windows down so they could enjoy the warm fresh air.

We stopped at an unique store in the “middle of nowhere” – down a dirt road, on a family farm.  I had asked them a number of months ago, to open early for us.  The owner is a lovely lady who was thrilled that a group of Canadians had invaded her large store which is filled with Amish products. Wisconsin products and even some antique.


This is the first “Travel With Bradley” group to visit to the “Fireside Dinner Theatre” in Ft. Atkinson, WI.  Fireside Theatre has been on my radar for a few decades SO I am very pleased that I FINALLY fit this attraction into a “Travel With Bradley” itinerary.  The complex accommodates 700 ticket holders – 2 separate areas for dining and theatre.  The facility also features a massive gift shop plus a bustling bakery counter.  If you arrive on a motor coach they assign plastic bins which holds the baking that the passengers on each coach purchases.  These bins are then delivered to the coaches before show end.  Their dining area has undergone a recent renovation and it shows – very classy.  The servers are extremely friendly (the lady looking after the table where I was sitting at has worked at Fireside for 14 years).  The 3 course plated meal received rave reviews.  The theatre space looks a little dated but the theatre seats have recovered.  The ceilings are low but that didn’t effect the production of “Menopause – the Musical” which was excellent.  This hilarious show ran for 90 minutes without an intermission.  I look forward to bringing more groups to Fireside Dinner Theatre.



After the show finished  it took 2 hours to reach our overnight hotel which was located in an affluent Chicago suburb.  We enjoyed plenty of room in our suite accommodations.  Many of my passengers were so impressed they wished we could spend a few extra nights enjoying this property.


Dinner was a plentiful Italian affair – the “Pope” overlooked our banquet.  The multi-courses of Italian specialties arrived on platters so we could help ourselves with as much or little as we wished.

Day 3 – American Barn Stories – Lake Geneva

We enjoyed another wonderful day in the Lake Geneva, WI area.

After breakfast we traveled 30 minutes to a rural town of “East Troy”.  I chartered a historic electric train for our excursion to the “Elegant Farmer”.  The “Elegant Farmer” is proudly known for their “Apple Pie Baked in a Bag”.  Many food critics claim its the BEST pie in America.


The owner of the “Dancing Horses” Show is a real character.  She helped served our early “Easter Turkey” luncheon – very delicious.

The “Dancing Horses” 90 minute performance  that followed was excellent.


We then watched their 30 minute parrot show – also excellent!

There was a bit of time at the resort so everyone could get freshened up for dinner.

We then strolled down the store lined Main Street in beautiful downtown Lake Geneva.  What a beautiful day to explore.

Dinner was at Sprecher’s German restaurant.  We had a choice of many entrees.  Portions were huge and delicious!

Day 2 – American Barn Stories – Lake Geneva

This mornings breakfast buffet was excellent.  The views from the dining room were wonderful as we overlooked a large pond highlighted with a large fountain.


We admired the beautiful day – the sun was beaming, the sky a bright blue and the blanket of snow that covered the ground was gleaming.  

Soon after departure we crossed into the State of Wisconsin.  A big “cheese” sign greeted us so I asked Paul to stop at that cheese shop and many of my passengers made purchases – they offered many Wisconsin cheese varieties including a 15 year old cheddar!

When we arrived in the tourist area of Lake Geneva we were joined by a wonderful host who toured us through this rural community.  We saw a number of painted barn quilts and visited a dairy farm where they milk 1600 – 24 hours a day!  The farmers were very friendly and my passengers loved this personal experience.  We are the first Canadian group they have welcomed so our arrival has caused a great deal of “buzz” in the community.  


Lunch was at a wedding banquet hall – the staff did a terrific job looking after us – their broasted chicken was a big hit.

After a full day of touring we enjoyed a bit of time before dinner in our luxurious hotel rooms at the Grand Geneva Resort – years ago the resort was the former Playboy Club.  This 4 diamond property is definitely upscale but extremely comfortable at the same time.  My passengers are enthused with the embedded large mirror television that is found in the hotel room bathrooms.  We are here for a two night stay.


The resort gift shop sells Joanna Gaines Magnolia Products so that reminded some of my passengers of the journey to Waco, TX they enjoyed with me earlier this year.


As a surprise for my passengers we enjoyed a fleet of wine at a local award winning winery (took advantage of a group picture beside the snowman) before dining in a traditional Wisconsin Supper Club where we had a choice of prime rib, bbq ribs, salmon or duck.  The portions were mega size.  Everything from the cheese on the table to dessert was delicious and the ladies who served us did a fantastic job.  This restaurant at one time was a Speakeasy.  



We arrived back at the resort around 830pm so many grabbed a nightcap in the impressive lobby lounge.

My passengers are already hoping this tour is going to be offered again – they are loving this unique rural experience!

Day 1 – American Barn Story – CHICAGO

Last night my excited passengers gathered for a pre-tour hotel stay and beef dinner.   What a wonderful way to meet their fellow travelers.  There are a handful of new travelers but the majority have been joining my getaways for years and know many of their fellow passengers well.

This morning after breakfast we started our journey.  I asked everyone to be ready for departure 15 minutes earlier than I had originally scheduled because believe it or not there was a nasty “winter” storm moving across a good portion of the USA so I had no idea what we were going to encounter.

My passengers were happy to see that Paul, my regular coach driver was looking after us on this journey.

Border crossing was quick.

Lunch was in Marshall Michigan at a restaurant I’ve been dining at since I was a young boy.  As we entered the restaurant we noticed a number of dressed-up children who were leaving a “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny” event.  We enjoyed a 3 course meal – the pork loin was excellent.

I kept my gang moving and was glad I did as the highway conditions started to deteriorate the closer we got to Chicago.  The snow was pelting down and there were a number of vehicle accidents to prove it.  After getting through winter I think one would be pretty upset to end up in a highway accident in the middle of APRIL caused by a freak snowstorm.

Some Chicago suburbs ended up with 8 inches of snow!  There were over 1000 flight cancellations at Chicago’s Ohare Airport.  There were also problems getting luggage off planes that were able to land – passengers reported 3 hour waits!

Luckily when we arrived at our resort,  the entrance into the lobby was covered so there was no need to tramp through any snow or slush.  We did not pack winter boots…..


The hotel is beautiful.  They just went through a 25 million dollar renovation and it nicely slows.


We got settled in our lovely rooms and then strolled to the attached theatre to see a superb production of FOOTLOOSE.  The young cast was so talented, their harmonies were terrific and could they ever dance!  The story was fun and lively.

After the show finished at 730pm it was time for dinner.  We gathered in a perfect size banquet space that overlooked the main dining room below.  It only took 2 gentleman to serve our large group.  They were pros.  One has been working at this resort for over 30 years.  Dinner was so delicious and the moist cheesecake dessert pleased everyone.

After a full day of traveling we retired to our rooms and appreciated our comfy “cloud like” beds.

The Prime Minister of CHINA to arrive at our luxurious hotel!

Breakfast at the 5 star Esplanade Hotel, Zagreb, Croatia is exceptional in every way.  They offer a large, very high quality buffet which is adjacent to the elegant dining room.  Patrons can also choose something extra from a “hard to decide list” on the al la carte menu.  There is more than enough very professional staff working so service is top notch too.  The dining room was filled to capacity – the hotel is very busy.  The cliental including my passengers arrived nicely dressed for breakfast.

Zagreb is really an outstanding city.  One could easily spend a few days roaming around the Old City which is an interesting mix of Modern and Old.   Gentleman that don’t enjoying wearing a neck tie will scold this city because its where the neck tie was invented.  The city is filled with interesting museums – the famous and most visited is  “Museum of Broken Relationships”.  Tourists fly in from all over the world in order to visit that one museum.  There are also a number of performance theatres to be found.  Hundreds of students passed us with tickets in hand – they were attending a student performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar” – this is the 50th year anniversary for that production.

Today was filled with special surprises.  When we arrived at the massive indoor and outdoor farmers market we were met by 3 professional chefs.  We were given a red tie with our new Croatian name along with a list of Croatian language ingredients that we needed to find.  My passengers were then told they would be cooking their lunch – they were excited about their task.  We felt like we were competing on the “Amazing Race” television show!  We did our best to communicate with a number of farmers market sellers but only some could speak English.  One ingredient that my team had to find ended up being a thin, flaky pasta that had the texture of a cracker – we had a hard time believing that it was a pasta but were assured we had the correct ingredient – it ended up tasting amazing,

Just a few steps from the farmers market we found the cooking school.  There were a number of cooking stations set up and we soon were put to work.  We had a blast.  I especially applaud my male passengers who got right in there and ended up cooking as good as the pros. Their wives were proud of them!   The results were superb – we thoroughly enjoyed sitting down and devouring what we prepared.  This experience was a big hit with everyone.

After our luncheon we headed west to our next destination which was close to the Slovenian border,  This rural area is filled with winding country roads and such stunning scenery it rivals Italy’s Tuscany.

We were guests at a castle owned by an older widow.  This is not a tourist attraction, we were invited.  Her mansion is filled with art that is worth millions.  In fact she has 2 of the very first paintings that include both humans and animals – they are worth over 1 million each.  She had initially been promised government money to help with the mansion restoration but that didn’t happen.  Slowly she is doing what she can to restore it.  Of course if she sold one of the many valuable works of art that would give her the funds that are needed but I know she doesn’t want to sell anything.  She is an accomplished piano player and she proudly played for us.  She was a professor during her career and her knowledge of this country should be written in a book.  My passengers were thrilled with this surprise visit.

Our dinner destination was located at the top of a large hill.  The coach driver did not complain when he had to drive the coach up very steep roads to reach this scenic destination.

They produce wine in this region.  The area is excellent for grape growing because of ample snow in the winter and wide fluctuations of temperatures from day and night all throughout the year.  We enjoyed an entertaining and tasty wine tasting presentation in their underground wine cellar.

We then took our seats outside overlooking a stunning view while a folklore group from a community 10 km away entertained us.  There were many more of them than us!  They have over 120 members in their troupe and rehearse weekly.  They consist of musicians, dancers and singers.  One of the young male band members was so happy, he smiled during the entire performance – we have noticed men in this country look serious most of the time so it was refreshing to see that smile.  Their show was lively and entertaining.  They are thrilled to be performing in France this year.  They have been fundraising for 3 years in order to afford the journey.  For many this will be their first time out of Croatia.

Dinner was delicious.  The local cottage cheese they served as one of the appetizers is unlike ours.  It is more like a whipped cheese and they top it with whipping cream – this is often a breakfast meal – of course no calories – tastes amazing!

The entertainers continued their performance during our dinner and my passengers were up dancing with them before dessert was served.  We hated to have to head back to our hotel – we were enjoying such a wonderful evening,

During the wine tasting I received word that tomorrows departure from our amazing Zagreb hotel is going to be a challenge.  My passengers are thrilled that we are staying at the most prestigious hotel in the city of Zagreb.  This is where celebrities, VIPS and “Travel With Bradley” passengers can be found.

Tomorrow morning the Prime Minister of CHINA, one of the worlds most powerful man and his entourage will be arriving at this hotel.  I expect that due to security reasons, they informed us last minute.  The hotel staff needs to collect our luggage much earlier than originally planned.  The coach cannot come close to the hotel but the hotel staff will look after delivering our luggage to the coach.  We now need to leave the hotel 30 minutes earlier than planned.  We realized this is the best plan because when we returned to the city, many roads were already closed as some of the Chinese entourage was already arriving.

When our coach driver finally arrived at the hotel there was also a steady stream of luxury vehicles dropping off some of the entourage.  A large number of Air China pilots arrived and they were ushered to their rooms without having to check-in.  Chinese co-ordinations were outside directing their guests – they even looked after quickly getting them into the elevators.  On our arrival night the hotel lounge was packed.  Last night there wasn’t a soul in the lounge.  The Chinese entourage will fill much of this hotel and those that arrived already seemed to stay put  in their rooms,.  Of course there is  a large number of security staff and police mulling around.

This is a “Travel With Bradley” FIRST – but it once again shows that I hand pick excellent hotels for my passengers to stay in throughout the world.

Zadar to Zagreb, Croatia

We enjoyed another terrific day visiting Croatia.

We first spent time in the community of Zadar.  It’s most famous for the “SEA ORGAN”.  I posted a video on Facebook of the Organ Sounds the sea was making – a very  unique attraction!

It was great fun exploring the town of Zadar – around every corner was another picture opportunity.

Lunch was at an excellent restaurant located at Croatia’s UNESCO National Park.  Here they cook using traditional methods (cast iron covers are put over the food – wood coals are placed around the covers).

We enjoyed views of the spectacular waterfalls and lakes of the National Park.


We are staying in Zagreb for 2 nights.  Here the average wage is 500 Euro a month.  Most family’s need 1000 Euro a month to get by so they often struggle.

The current city mayor has spent funds making the city pretty and that is causing much controversy. We appreciated the beautiful gardens – the tulips are in bloom.


We are staying in Zagreb’s highest rated 5 star hotel – the posh, ESPLANADE ZAGREB.  When celebrities and “Travel With Bradley” passengers come to town this is their hotel of choice  – its fabulous!

Dinner was held at a wonderful upscale restaurant just a stones throw from the city main square – the appetizer featured local truffles  – every course was delicious!

Pumpkin seed oil is produced in Croatia and is a delicacy.  I pre-ordered large bottles of this oil as gifts for my passengers.  I was pleased that the farmer was able to  private brand the bottles with a “Travel With Bradley” label.  I presented this gift to everyone when we returned from dinner.


Split, Croatia and Beyond….

Split, Croatia is an amazing city.

We were so fortunate to have it to ourselves this morning.  Typically its very busy so I guess we timed it just right.


Highlights included having private time “just for my passengers” in the Oldest and Smallest Cathedral in the world.  


We were also honored with a private morning concert by five talented gentleman  – their harmonies were heavenly.


We explored some of the traditional Split coffee houses.  –  expect to spend $8. a cup so no more complaining about Starbucks prices at home. 


Our luncheon was at a wonderful attraction, run by a family who had moved to Germany during a turbulent time in Croatia’s history but have now returned.  Anna, one of the owners told us many interested facts about the Croatians (she could be an actress), She  toured us through a historic home and afterwards we enjoyed a delicious meal featuring local specialties – accompanied by local cherry brandy and wines.  This hard working family reminded me of the hard working family at the “Walters Theatre”!  They welcome over 40,000 visitors to their attraction every year.  

We stopped at a charming non-tourist town called, Sibenek.  Rumor has it that actor Brad Pitt was looking at properties for sale in this area,  Surprisingly there was only one small shop open – its Sunday,  The young owner invited me in as I passed by,   I ended up buying lavender and truffles from him so I think he was happy – he put a beer in my bag as a gift.  We all enjoyed our stroll down the towns narrow streets – filled with character.

The resort where we are staying this evening is very impressive!  The staff warmly welcomed us with beverages as we entered the vast lobby.  Our rooms feature pool and sea views.  The private beach is beautiful and is guarded with a pirate ship!  Dinner was in the dining room.  Another terrific day in Croatia –  Some of my passengers are asking when I am returning because they have already decided that they want to return!

Glitzy HVAR Island, Croatia

From the cosmopolitan city of Split, the very scenic sailing to Glitzy HVAR Island takes 2 hours.  We once again had an exceptional weather day so the sea was like glass.  Prime seats on the open sunny deck of the ferry filled quickly.    The Captain sailed passed many picturesque islands but our destination was at the most famous one, Hvar.

Hvar attracts 20,000 visitors a day in high season – the small but picturesque main town is packed during that time.  In high season I would recommend that you consider visiting a less popular island but this time of year is ideal to visit HVAR.  We didn’t have any crowds at to contend with – we enjoyed the beauty, roamed the streets and traveled by coach throughout the island without any crowds or traffic – how lucky for us!

There was a World Swim/Run race going on and my passengers were some of the few cheering on the competitors from around the world.

Lavender grows wild all over the island and asparagus season is in full swing already.

Since this island attracts many celebrities and well-to-do tourists from all over the world, the very few hotels charge a major premium and the upscale boutique stores are pricey places to shop in – but its great fun to browse!

Lunch was in a beautiful little Hvar island town.   A passionate chef started preparing our main course 2 days ago – beef marinated in a homemade plum sauce – so tender and tasty.  Dessert was chocolate lavender cake in honor of the islands lavender.  After lunch we visited a well regarded winery for a tasting.  The owner is world renowned and I was impressed that he arrived to met us.  The wine cellar tasting room was lined with stone and is one of the most unique ones I’ve ever visited.

Dinner was back in Split at a fine dining restaurant.  We filled the place.  Jazz musicians were hired to play background music for this special occasion.  The husband and wife chefs only cooks with the freshest ingredients.  If they can’t freshly source what they need the restaurant is closed.  This was truly a culinary evening.  Everything was hand made including the black ink risotto and fresh pasta.   When locals go out to eat they don’t rush because freshly prepared food takes time to prepare.   We are too use to rushing when we dine and don’t savor our food or time  with family, friends and neighbors.  Tonight’s main course was a white fish from the shark family – a first for all of us – yes, it tasted like chicken!

It was a long day but an exceptional one!  Looking forward to what tomorrow has in store.  Croatia is such an exceptional destination.

Bosnian Coffee and UNESCO’s Mostar Bridge

The distance to Mostar is only 105km from Sarajevo but the driving time from is 3 hours because there are no highways to travel on, just secondary roads.  Our local guide told us if there was a highway it wouldn’t help because the local mentality is “slow – take your time”.

It only rains in Mostar a few times a year and today was one of those days – temperatures in the summer can soar to over 50C…  so we couldn’t complain too much about the rain.

When we arrived in Mostar we met our guide – Jasmine (a mans name here).  I was SO impressed with this young man.  His English is spoken better than many North Americans and he can easily change his accent to a convincing British one.  He has never travelled outside of his country.  

We listened to his impression of the war and in Mostar region the war was much more about religion.  There is a main road in this town and he referred to it as the imaginary Berlin Wall.  The Muslims live on one side and the Bosnian Croats who are Catholic live on the other side.  

There is a very famous bridge in this town which sadly needed to be rebuilt after the war because it was destroyed.  It is recognized as a UNESCO site and attracts thousands of tourists each year.  The bridge re-opened in 2004 and that historic ceremony was attended by many dignitaries including Prince Phillip.  The divide is so strong between the two sides that some residents have never crossed the imaginary Berlin Wall in order to see the towns famous bridge.

Jasmine has no issue spending time on both sides.  He explained that the willingness to cross the imaginary line has nothing to do with a younger more accepting generation but it has to do with family upbringing.

We ventured to the Alma Coffee house which opened a few months before the war.  The professional grinding machine that was installed for the business shows marks of the shrapnel that hit it during the war.

Alma Coffee house is a trendy place – small and intimate.  It’s run by Jasmine with help from his parents.  Jasmine is quite the young entrepreneur.  


Jasmine demonstrated how Bosnians make their famous coffee.  His presentation was truly fascinating.  There is a huge coffee culture in Bosnia.

Drinking coffee in Bosnia is a “Ritual in Time”.  There is a real art to brewing coffee and at least twice a day locals sit down and enjoy one – you never order a “coffee to go” – that does not exist.  One sits and savors their coffee and leaves worries behind.  If you are invited to  someone’s home you are served coffee.  Bosnians join friends at coffee houses.  Before a business meeting a coffee is often served.

The Bosnia Coffee is similar to the USA Cowboy Coffee but a finer ground is used.  

The Bosnians use a special coffee pot (wide base/narrow top) and a “rule of thumb” dictates how much ground coffee is put in the bottom of the pot – the width of your thumb – you then fill the rest of the pot with hot water and slowly stir the mixture not from the bottom of the pot but the top until a film forms (like a cream) which is skimmed off.    A cup of water is served with the coffee so one can cleanse their palate.   When drinking Bosnian coffee you take a slip and then often dip a sugar cube in the coffee and then enjoy the taste of the coffee on the cube – you never drop the cube in the coffee and stir like we do in North America – we were also served Rose Flavoured Turkish Delight Jelly Candy which is also intended to be dipped in the coffee.

What an interesting and fun experience!

After taking pictures of the famous Mostar bridge we enjoyed an awesome 3 course lunch in a local restaurant – home cooking at its best.


We then continued our journey to Split.  There is only 5km of toll freeway in Bosnia and we traveled that distance and then needed to clear the Bosnia border once again as we were leaving the county  – after that we were in line with 3 other coaches to re-enter Croatia – took an hour before we were on our way…. – this border situation can be a royal pain for tourists – I feel the tourism bureaus in these affected countries need to get their act together and lobby to get this improved – in high season when there are thousands of tourists crossing these borders the process will take MANY hours – our motor coach driver told me sometimes 5 hours!

When we crossed back into Croatia the skies were blue once again – what a beautiful day.  The freeway continues in Croatia and is state-of-the-art, absolutely beautiful.  The best part is there is next to no drivers using it – I expect because its a toll-road, its unaffordable by most – we saw mainly luxury cars on this highway. 

Once again the scenery was spectacular.

When we stopped for our break at a highway rest area, just as Jasmine said drinking coffee was a relaxing event there.  No take-out paper cups are available – coffee is only served in a mug and there are areas to relax with your friends before returning on the highway – a much more civil custom than ours – don’t you agree?

Our wonderful hotel in Split overlooks the sea – we all are enjoying ocean view rooms.  The view from the pool deck is amazing.  We’ve all laughed at our hotel room “challenges”.  It’s been “interesting” trying to figure out how the elevators works, how to turn off and on the lights in the rooms (switches are all over the place) or how to work the shower (even with directions right next to it on the wall)….  Our current hotel is locally owned but very North American like – we can easy figure this one out, even though the elevators are a bit of challenge!  It’s also the first hotel we’ve stayed at with face cloths in the rooms so they obviously cater to North Americans.

A delicious 3 course seafood dinner was held a short walk from the hotel at a busy restaurant right on the pier.  The main course was fresh cod with mashed potatoes – its a tradition for locals to eat this same entree on Christmas Eve.  Often they only get to enjoy it once a year.


Early tomorrow morning we board a ferry and sail for 2 hours to a very famous island – we are all excited!

Sarajevo- A Bucket List Destination!

Sarajevo is a real life story of Survival, Courage but most of all Love.

This city is definitely one of the most interesting destinations I have ever visited – you really need to add it to your bucket list!

WOW – At breakfast I may have tasted the sweetest orange ever – they are grown locally here in Bosnia and are currently for sale at roadside stands.  They are similar in size to a tangerine and their taste makes your tastebuds jump.  

Our Croatian hosts are just so wonderful.  Their smiles are warm and welcoming.


The Turkish tea that they serve at breakfast is certainly an eye opener – almost as strong as an espresso – I could get addicted to it!

The Muslim “Call to Prayer” worked perfect as this mornings wake up call.  The singing chants echoed throughout Sarajevo at 5:45am.  What a peaceful sound to wake up too.  Considering we are in the heart of the city it was a quiet evening – didn’t hear any horns or sirens.  The Muslims in this city are pretty modern.  Very few wear burqas and they love to drink beer and for Muslims that is pretty unique.  

Touring today really opened our eyes.  I truly feel that every young person should come to Sarajevo to learn about their 1992-1995 war.  If they heard the stores as we did,  it might help to make this world a more tolerant place.  We just can’t imagine what the Sarajevo citizens have endured.   I recall watching our news during that war and was horrified as the reports showed snipers slaughtering innocent people who were often just walking to the brewery as it was the only source of water.  There was no electricity, no water, little food – everything had been cut off.  The city is surrounded by large hills and there was no way out for most.  Surprisingly the locals had the courage to try to live a normal life during this difficult time – schools existed underground in shelters, over 1000 theatre performances were held underground and there was even a Miss Sarajevo beauty contest with a underlying message to the world that this city needed help.  

We were mesmerized with our guide as he shared with us wonderful stories of Sarajevo along with ones about the horrors of war.  He was 10 years old when Sarajevo was invaded and has leg wounds from that war that remind him daily of those terrible years.  Mohamed is so well regarded, when VIPS and celebrities are in town (Morgan Freeman) he is hand picked as their guide.  He was also hand picked for my group.  We were so fortunate to spend the day with him.  His heartfelt stories highlighted the bravery of the locals.  He is one of the finest guides I have ever worked with.  I wish he would write a book about his life experiences – mine pale in comparison.


Our morning walking tour took us throughout the old town.  This part of the city is Sarajevo’s pride and joy.  It’s unlike anything else you will see in the world and one can easily explore this area for hours.

Shopping is unique too.  I purchased some local made products from a family that has been running their store for over 300 years.  I met the daughter first and when her Mother entered the store it was a perfect opportunity for me to get a picture of both of them.

I purchased the round work of art (above) – couldn’t leave it behind…. yes, my suitcase is already bulging!

Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice is a popular street food.

We loved our lunch.  We sat down with locals (no tourists) in a small but packed popular restaurant for a traditional Bosnian meal of grilled meats – brought back memories of my first time in Yugoslavia.  This is the type of restaurant I like to include when you “Travel With Bradley” – locally owned, regional food, filled with locals, no tourists other than us.  The waitress who was looking after us worked as hard as a beaver and apologized when she needed to put bills in a little container on our table (everything was pre-paid by “Travel With Bradley”) because inspectors often check to make sure bills/receipts have been given out (its a law that bills/receipts need to be given  – obviously the government wants to collect the tax).

The afternoon part of the tour was intense as we visited an underground tunnel that some hearty Sarajevo citizens built during the war.  This was a lifeline for them.  Over 11,000 people were killed in the conflict that lasted 1425 days.  

Before dinner we were wonderfully entertained by a local dance troupe and we toured a beautiful historic home (private events just for us).


Dinner was another wonderful experience.  The ambiance of the tiny restaurant was wonderful and the cuisine tasted amazing.

The city of Sarajevo is definitely a tour highlight that will hold dear in our heart.