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Exciting news!!!!

A NEW Travel Tour Company
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Yes, after over 30 years in the travel industry (designing and hosting tours) I am starting a NEW Travel Tour Company.

Those who have travelled with me over the years, my “travel family” continue to inspire me to create new, exciting and unique experiences. My goal is to make your travel dreams a reality.

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I am currently finalizing the details of my upcoming Travel Show.

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Come along and experience this NEW adventure with ME!

Spectacular Western Canada Scenery

Day 2 on the Rocky Mountaineer Train – Kamloops to Banff

Once again our exciting train ride journey was filled with spectacular scenery – it just got better and better throughout the day – I recommend this West to East direction when riding the Rocky Mountaineer.

Our weather – clear, blue skies – perfect again.

This is an ideal time of the year to ride the train as the mountains are still snow capped. As we climbed higher in elevation we saw more and more snow. HO hO HO!

We boarded the coach at 6:15am for our short 5 minute drive to the train station – we waited onboard the coach until all the other coaches arrived with their passengers and then the coaches were called up in proper order so when we exited our coach we were at the entrance of our train car – organization at its best by Rocky Mountaineer.

Breakfast was served soon after our arrival – then snacks and beverages – then lunch – dessert – more beverages …. there is no lack of very good food and beverages on board the train.

We spotted many osprey, elk and even some black bears – an added bonus was a baby cub bear that had trouble keeping up with its Mother. This time of year, as we experienced is great for wildlife sightings.

After our 7:40pm arrival in Banff we settled in at the Caribou Lodge for our one night stay. Many groups arrived at the same time we did. We were met at the train station by a hotel who handed me our hotel room keys and our luggage was already in our cozy, lodge looking rooms.

After a long day some called it a night, others dined in the adjacent Keg Restaurant – I grabbed a comp transit pass at the front desk of the hotel and dashed into down town where I made my first Canadian LuLu Lemon Men’s purchase – a V-Neck T-Shirt that they claim will last 5 years?

The friendly salesperson recommended that I dine at, “The BearStreet Tavern”. It was packed so I sat at the bar next to a couple ladies from Ottawa, a exchange student from Taiwan and his friend from Calgary. This restaurant was featured on the “You Have To Eat Here” television series and is well known for its pizza so that is what I ordered. It was very good – I especially liked their chili with honey dipping sauce.

I was back to the hotel at 10:30pm. Have a 5:30am wake-up call.

I think my passengers will agree – what a fantastic time we have had!

Fantastic First Day aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

We enjoyed a terrific day onboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

Once again the weather was ideal – we have been so fortunate.

At 7:30am we boarded the train for our ride to Kamloops, British Columbia.

Its hard to believe that the Rocky Mountaineer has been running for 26 years – time flies.  The Armstrong Family are the owners.  There are 466 guests on this departure – 15 cars – the majority of the passengers are from Australia.  During this peak time over 600 people are employed by the train – this is a huge operation.

We enjoyed breakfast and lunch onboard,  Cocktails, wine, beer and snacks  are included.  The staff work had to please.  I sat next to a Rocky Mountaineer executive who lives and works in Kamloops.

Our train car was full but very spacious – there is ample leg room but no overhead space for carry-on luggage as this would block the picture window dome views of the spectacular scenery.

The scenery changed a number of times throughout the day.  We past a number of isolated communities.  Many passengers spotted wildlife.

There were very few delays today so we arrived in Kamloops early – 4:30pm.  Sometimes the train doesn’t arrive until 7pm.

Everything is so well organized.  Room keys for the Hilton Doubletree were distributed before we arrived at the hotel and luggage was already in our rooms.

We enjoyed a delicious private group dinner before turning in early – its been a long but exciting day.  Tomorrow is another early start as we continue to Banff.

The Rocky Mountaineer is a Canadian attraction that we should all be very proud of!



What a beautiful day day for a train ride on Canada’s famous, Rocky Mountaineer.

We are the only Canadian group on this journey – 5 groups from Australia are joining us.

All Aboard!


WHISTLER, Canada’s Famous Ski Resort

Today was another terrific day as we traveled the “Sea to Sky” Highway to Whistler, British Columbia. “Sea” represents picturesque, Howe Sound and “Sky” represents the much higher elevation of, Whistler.

The scenery along the 42km fjord was spectacular.

We stopped in Squamish for our break. The locals call this area Squish. Logging is the major industry here. A young guy working at the Visitors Centre had a long chat with me as he wanted to hear about our time in San Diego, which is his home.

Of course the 2010 Olympics put Whistler on the Map. This ski resort is often rated #1 in the World by Conte Nast.

We enjoyed an Italian Luncheon and then had some time to walk around Whistler Village – many eateries and mainly outdoor wear shops.

We lucked out with the weather – it was ideal for almost the entire day, we just hit a little shower on the way back to Vancouver. Was funny seeing a cross section of dress in Whistler – those sitting on outdoor patios for lunch were wearing short sleeve shirts and the ones coming from the mountains were carrying their skis and wearing winter attire.

Our excellent driver/guide pointed out the sites and told us a few more interesting facts including – residence of Vancouver spent 55% of their income on housing – this city has both the richest and poorest postal codes in Canada.

The executive chef at our hotel provided us with an excellent, “Farewell to Vancouver” dinner. The stories about our hotel room’s, “state-of-the-art toilet seats” dominated the conversations – the laughter didn’t stop.

Everyone is turning in early as tomorrow we need to arrive at the train station by 6:45am to board the Rocky Mountaineer for their World Famous, 2 day Train Journey to Banff, Alberta.

Can’t wait!

Picture Perfect Day in Vancouver, BC

What a terrific day.

It was a smooth process getting off the Zaandam Cruise Ship – surprisingly no Canadian custom agents  were in view – we didn’t even need to show our passport?

We boarded a brand new Motor Coach – we are the first group to sit in its comfy leather seats.  Our driver/guide couldn’t be any better.

Enjoyed a wonderful city tour.

During our Granville Island stop, a couple of my passengers gave me a business card of a friend of mine that I haven’t seen since 2001.  He saw their name tag and asked about me.  I had no idea that he owned a store on Granville Island.  What a Small World!!  We enjoyed a great visit.  Back in 2001 he was my groups tour guide on the Rocky Mountaineer!

Our group luncheon at Joe Fortes was our best yet.  Its no wonder that this restaurant was packed.  They have been in business for 3 decades.  My passengers raved about their meals.

After lunch we had time to enjoy the sunny afternoon.

i walked over to the TED convention site.  I guess the Pope made a video appearance during the show yesterday.  I tried to buy a day seminar pass but all tickets are  sold – and show souvenirs are just available for those attending.

Most of us enjoyed an excellent dinner at Cactus Club – a very popular chain restaurant here in Vancouver.  I provided everyone with dollars so they could enjoy dinner at their leisure.

Our trendy hotel for 2 nights, features a state-of-the-art toilet seat – just hope my passengers don’t want a demo – I am not volunteering – smile.

Zaandam flying CDN Flag Upside Down?!

What a beautiful morning in Vancouver.

Once we docked at Canada Place, a very upset passenger stopped me and said – go to the front of the ship – they are flying the Canadian Flag upside down!   I headed to the front of the vessel and sure enough, he was correct.  I called Guest Services to advise them – their comment was, “Oh, that is very bad”!

Obviously it is a mistake that has caused some excitement on the Zaandam this morning.

We will be getting off the ship around 8:10am and will start our guided tour of Vancouver.

Our Vancouver luncheon will be held at the landmark, “Joe Fortes” Seafood House which has been serving delicious meals to tourists and locals for many decades.

I always look forward to docking at Canada Place.  The Walters Family performed the duration of Expo 86 for the Canadian Government in the Canada Place pavilion.  It was the start of our music touring career.  I left my Systems Analyst job at General Motors, we bought our Motor Coach, hit the road and haven’t looked back.  Our weekly television series was airing in Vancouver during Expo so we drew big crowds.  We were housed in a condo close to the Pavillion.  I remember we performed 3 shows a day.  Wonderful Memories!

This afternoon everyone will have some free time to enjoy the city – most of my passengers are excited as they have arranged to meet up with friends and family.

Welcome to Spectacular Vancouver!