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Fantastic First Day aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

We enjoyed a terrific day onboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

Once again the weather was ideal – we have been so fortunate.

At 7:30am we boarded the train for our ride to Kamloops, British Columbia.

Its hard to believe that the Rocky Mountaineer has been running for 26 years – time flies.  The Armstrong Family are the owners.  There are 466 guests on this departure – 15 cars – the majority of the passengers are from Australia.  During this peak time over 600 people are employed by the train – this is a huge operation.

We enjoyed breakfast and lunch onboard,  Cocktails, wine, beer and snacks  are included.  The staff work had to please.  I sat next to a Rocky Mountaineer executive who lives and works in Kamloops.

Our train car was full but very spacious – there is ample leg room but no overhead space for carry-on luggage as this would block the picture window dome views of the spectacular scenery.

The scenery changed a number of times throughout the day.  We past a number of isolated communities.  Many passengers spotted wildlife.

There were very few delays today so we arrived in Kamloops early – 4:30pm.  Sometimes the train doesn’t arrive until 7pm.

Everything is so well organized.  Room keys for the Hilton Doubletree were distributed before we arrived at the hotel and luggage was already in our rooms.

We enjoyed a delicious private group dinner before turning in early – its been a long but exciting day.  Tomorrow is another early start as we continue to Banff.

The Rocky Mountaineer is a Canadian attraction that we should all be very proud of!


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