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Spectacular Western Canada Scenery

Day 2 on the Rocky Mountaineer Train – Kamloops to Banff

Once again our exciting train ride journey was filled with spectacular scenery – it just got better and better throughout the day – I recommend this West to East direction when riding the Rocky Mountaineer.

Our weather – clear, blue skies – perfect again.

This is an ideal time of the year to ride the train as the mountains are still snow capped. As we climbed higher in elevation we saw more and more snow. HO hO HO!

We boarded the coach at 6:15am for our short 5 minute drive to the train station – we waited onboard the coach until all the other coaches arrived with their passengers and then the coaches were called up in proper order so when we exited our coach we were at the entrance of our train car – organization at its best by Rocky Mountaineer.

Breakfast was served soon after our arrival – then snacks and beverages – then lunch – dessert – more beverages …. there is no lack of very good food and beverages on board the train.

We spotted many osprey, elk and even some black bears – an added bonus was a baby cub bear that had trouble keeping up with its Mother. This time of year, as we experienced is great for wildlife sightings.

After our 7:40pm arrival in Banff we settled in at the Caribou Lodge for our one night stay. Many groups arrived at the same time we did. We were met at the train station by a hotel who handed me our hotel room keys and our luggage was already in our cozy, lodge looking rooms.

After a long day some called it a night, others dined in the adjacent Keg Restaurant – I grabbed a comp transit pass at the front desk of the hotel and dashed into down town where I made my first Canadian LuLu Lemon Men’s purchase – a V-Neck T-Shirt that they claim will last 5 years?

The friendly salesperson recommended that I dine at, “The BearStreet Tavern”. It was packed so I sat at the bar next to a couple ladies from Ottawa, a exchange student from Taiwan and his friend from Calgary. This restaurant was featured on the “You Have To Eat Here” television series and is well known for its pizza so that is what I ordered. It was very good – I especially liked their chili with honey dipping sauce.

I was back to the hotel at 10:30pm. Have a 5:30am wake-up call.

I think my passengers will agree – what a fantastic time we have had!

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