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The Taste of Summer – Can’t Beat It

This morning Mom and I traveled to St. Agatha, ON to purchase some local produce at Herrle’s Country Farm Market.  The parking lot in front of the store was packed with vehicles when we arrived.

What a difference freshness makes.  Unlike many grocery stores that are still bringing in summer produce from across the border, Herrle’s Market just stocks local produce from area farms.

We filled our shopping cart with sweet corn on the cob, peas, green and yellow beans, dill, onions, garlic, freshly dug potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli.

Mom called me late this afternoon and said dinner would be ready in 30 minutes.

What a feast!

Mom served the cooked young potatoes, beans, green onions, peas and fresh dill in a whipping cream sauce, just like Grandma use to prepare it.  This combination only works when you use,  young, fresh potatoes – and don’t leave out the dill.

The corn on the cob was so sweet.

Mom also prepared a tasty summer salad with the cauliflower and broccoli we purchased earlier in the day.

My brother, Darren bbq’d spareribs.

A highlight was dessert – Mom baked a classic, sour cherry pie, using local cherries.  When my siblings and I were really young we had a couple cherry trees in our yard and it was worth picking and pitting those cherries knowing that Mom would bake us a cherry pie.

Does local, seasonal produce really taste better?  Of course it does.  When food doesn’t have to travel far to get on our plates you can taste the difference.  Local produce is usually sold within a 24 hours of being picked.  It also has longer to ripen on the vine because it doesn’t have to travel long distances.

Summer is zooming by and soon we’ll all be wishing we could still buy fresh, local produce so enjoy it while its here!




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  1. Marj

    Herrles is my favourite summer market. Best corn around. Your Mom still spoils her boys with her cooking. Jealous. See you Tuesday.

    July 23, 2017 at 10:58 pm

  2. Gary McLeaming

    The fresh produce sure sounds good….this is the time to enjoy….thanks for sharing Brad..say hello to the rest of the crew

    July 24, 2017 at 9:56 am

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