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On Our Way To Magical KENYA

Prior to my recent travel shows a tour company approach me as they had 8 spots available on an upcoming Kenya departure and wondered if I would be interested.   I promoted this departure at the travel show and quickly filled the space.

Those who are traveling with me on this journey have traveled much of the World with me.  Everyone knows one another so we are just like family.  They are already telling me how much they are enjoying this small group experience and we haven’t left Toronto yet.  I provided everyone rooms at the Hilton last night and we all rode on the same shuttle this morning to Terminal 1.

Most people that travel somewhere as exotic as Kenya take months or years to prepare – we have only had a few weeks but I think that has added to the excitement.  I arranged a pre-departure meeting so everyone knew how to prepare.

We are flying Ethiopian Airlines this morning to Nairobi.  We’ll transfer planes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are currently relaxing in the Plaza Premium Lounge (a “Travel With Bradley” perk) prior to boarding our flight.

I’ve taken groups to South Africa but this is my first Kenya departure and its the first official. “Travel With Bradley” journey – EXCITING!

Hopefully we’ll have some wifi connection along the way so I can blog during our travels.

Stay tuned…..



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  1. gwen pooley

    Bon Voyage. I loved our small group trip to South Africa. A bonus is I met Judy.

    October 7, 2017 at 10:50 am

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