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Out of Africa

Everyone slept well considering we are just starting to adjust to the new time zone.

It was another perfect weather day.

The breakfast spread at the Sarova Stanley Hotel is very impressive. We sat in a covered outside area and surprisingly it was a little cool. There was a big variety of breakfast items plus omelette and pancake (more like crepe) stations. A few of the food items we were not familiar with. Donna Lotus fed us all custard fruit.

We haven’t been in Kenya that long but we have all noted how friendly the locals are. It’s a genuine nice. The service at the Stanley hotel is superb but it was the same last night at dinner. I’m sure this will continue as we travel throughout the country.

In the breakfast room they have a message board as this is the way people communicated here back in the early 1900’s. They have kept this tradition alive today and the board is filled with messages from guests from all over the World – all bragging about their time in Kenya.

We enjoyed a full touring day – departed at 9:30am and returned at 6pm.

First stop was at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to see the orphaned Elephants – this site is only open 1 hour a day for the tourists and really there were not that many of us there. It was fun watching the elephants play in the mud. They are so clumsy. Eventually they will be released back in the wild. Many are orphaned because of pouching and others because drought killed their Mothers. I got a kick out of 2 baby elephants that are best friends – they didn’t leave one another’s side the entire time we were there.

We basically traveled with many of the same tourists all day – folks from all over the World that flew in like we did yesterday – we have already met some wonderful people – but starting tomorrow I believe we will see even fewer tourists as everyone will be heading out on Safaris but we will all be staying at different lodges. There are many Safari companies here – the company we are with has been in business for over 30 years.

How could we forget Bert from Minnesota who offered to take our group pictures during lunch. The process took forever because he loves to talk – what a terrific guy. We often seemed to stop at the same attraction at the same time as a family that brought their 10 young children on this vacation – I am guessing they are Mormon – they live in California – the children are all blond. We saw many young children traveling with their parents today – what a wonderful experience for them. There is a Scottish couple staying at our hotel that we all met at breakfast. The Asian tourists somehow manage to push themselves to the front of the line everywhere we went…

Our next stop was the Kangaroo Centre where we could feed the kangaroos and many tourists kissed them buy holding a food pellet in their mouth – another amazing experience.

Lunch was a special event at Karen Blixen’s Coffee Garden and Cottages. The 3 course 2 hour luncheon was superb – service top notch thats to Johnathan – surroundings beautiful – the food rivaled the best restaurants at home.

We then visited Karen Blixen’s Kenya home for a tour – she was the writer of, “Out of Africa” which was turned into an award-winning blockbuster movie. Her book has been printed in many languages.

Finally we stopped at Kazuri where every bead has a story.   It’s founder started her business with two African single mothers employees – now over 300 single mothers each create around 1000 colourful beads a day – the ladies were all lovely – many asked me to take their pictures.

The average wage in Kenya is $10.00 per day. Much of our day was spent in the wealthy part of town. We were surrounded by large homes on big lots – wire fences, security and guard dogs protect these properties. In contrast we saw from a distance the second largest slum in Africa.

The locals dress very professionally – this morning at breakfast we were surrounded by Kenya business people. In contrast the ladies making the beads at Kazuri were dressed in their Sunday best.

When we traveled back to the hotel during rush hour, we shared the road with thousands of locals who were walking home from work – we noted that personal appearance is so important to them. It’s no wonder that almost everyone is slim – so much walking exercise.  We have not encountered anyone begging for money.

There are 4 million living in this massive city.

My passengers all said they couldn’t of wished for a better day – a terrific start to our Kenya adventure.

Our day is not over yet – this evening we are invited to dinner in the home of the local operator that is looking after us. We are all excited about this experience. Everyone has brought gifts from Canada to leave with them.

Wish you were with us!



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  1. Marlene Burnett

    Thanks for such vivid discriptions of everything. It is almost like we are there when you include the photos. Very appreciated.

    October 9, 2017 at 7:52 pm

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