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Hippos and Zebras Under Our Safari Tents!

Enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Sweetwaters Camp where the staff is so professional – a real class act. My passengers heard all the animal noises in front of my luxury tent as I slept…. When I went to bed I didn’t need the hot water bottle they put under my bed sheets but the temperature quickly cooled off and that source of heat felt so wonderful – brought back many childhood memories.

We needed a document showing all our room charges had been paid before we could exit the reserve gate.

For the first 90 minutes our drive was thrilling. We were on some of the worst roads imaginable. Thank goodness the Toyota Safari vehicle is like a tank. If it wasn’t I don’t think we could have made it. The small communities along that stretch were pretty dismal. With an unemployment rate of 35% we just don’t know how many survive.

We stopped at another Equator Point where they showed us how the water drains one way a few steps south, the water moves the other way a few steps to the north and at the Equator there is no water movement at all.

We enjoyed our stop at impressive Johnson’s waterfalls. It was loaded with locals including many groups of school children. The tourists have a separate parking area and entrance. Locals were trying to sell us chameleons which is illegal because they are consider a wild animal. We were told that Chinese tourists will buy them and take them home…

A teacher came up to me and said that one of his students wondered if he could get a picture with me – I said sure – so this little boy came up to me and I posed with him. I asked him his name – he told me but he was so shy and quiet, I didn’t understand him. After the pictures were taken I shook the little boys hand and he was so proud. All his classmates stood with their teacher and watched in disbelief. For some reason I was more of an attraction than the waterfall to those children!

We drove passed a funeral. Our driver sold us that a funeral cost runs around 200.00 – includes everything plus a tent for the lunch after the ceremony. This funeral was huge – 3 tents were set up.

We continued our journey eventually arriving at Lake Naivasha Country Club, and the award winning deluxe resort we are staying at called, Kiboko Luxury Camp. There are just 4 luxury tents next to the lake so we filled them. The interiors – beautiful – bathrooms huge and I can’t believe it – there is a television in the tents this time!

We are the only ones staying at the resort so this is pure luxury. Zebras were playing under my elevated tent and Hippos arrived later in the day.

Chef Carol presented us a deluxe lunch and dinner was just as impressive. We enjoyed a choice of starter, soup, main and dessert. All wonderful and beautifully presented. Since we were the only ones in the dining room, these were private events.

After lunch we boarded a boat for our private sailing around Crescent Island which has been made famous due to the movie, “Out of Africa”. Much of the filming was done here. They brought animals on the island for the film so animals still remain and it is possible to walk among them.

The lake is filled with Hippos – over 900 of them. We saw some of them during our sailing. They sleep during the day and and night they eat. They appeared next to the dining room as we ate dinner.

Staying at this resort has been an amazing experience. This is an incredible place and being here all by ourselves added to the thrill. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. My passengers are thrilled. Everyone is gloating about their stay. Pat just said this is a very peaceful place.

Waiter Patrick arrived early to look after us this morning – he told us that he had to come early because he, “Wants us to come back”. All the locals tell us the same thing, “Please come back”. They have all been so gracious, warm and loving.



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  1. Judy

    What a wonderful time you have had. Wish I could have come but I’ve enjoyed reading about your experiences and seeing those amazing pictures. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog.

    October 14, 2017 at 11:29 am

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