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Searching for Wooden Clogs in AMSTERDAM

I think my passengers will agree that Koblenz, Germany is a wonderful port of call. This is an old city that celebrated its 2000th birthday back in 1992.

It’s location is prime – at the confluence of the Rhine and the Moselle Rivers so its strategic location assures its place as a vital link in the international river trade routes of Europe.

On deck we watched steamers, barges, tugs and every other kind of river boat moving up and down the Rhine river which is as busy as a highway!

During the war 80% of this city was lost but extensive renovation has kept the ambiance of old Koblenz.

Unlike at home the downtown cores of all the cities and towns we have visited are thriving with shops and restaurants – there are no empty spots or vacancies. The majority of stores are locally owned so there is a good variety of unique items to buy.

We enjoyed a walking tour and then many strolled throughout one of the Rhine Castles.

At dinner many of my group discussed the quality of the cuisine we have enjoyed on board the UniWorld Antoinette. I’ve cruised with UniWorld a number of times and even though the food is always excellent on all voyages – this one has even exceeded the other departures. That means – diets when we get home!


We just had a morning stop in Cologne, Germany where the UNESCO-designated Gothic Style Cologne Cathedral rises magnificently in the city centre.

Many enjoyed a Koisch Beer Tasting at a local brewery. Some visited Museum Ludwig which is one fo the most most celebrated contemporary art museums in Europe with a comprehensive modern art collection plus the thirst largest Picasso Collection in the World.

This is a larger city so the downtown core is really developed. There is a large theatre that brings in major musical productions – Dirty Dancing in on stage now. The train station is impressive and was swamped with activity. Why can’t we improve train travel in Ontario, Canada.

The afternoon was filled with on-board activities – Amsterdam orientation seminar, wine tasting and high tea,

A farewell cocktail reception was followed by a 5 course Gala Dinner in the Restaurant de Versailles.

The only downfall – no wifi for 2 days…


We have arrived in Amsterdam. We sailed from 12:15pm yesterday til 4am this morning so it was a long journey.  Although we feel no movement on board it was a windy night so there was lots of river noise and banging.

What an amazing, “thumbs up” cruise this has been but our journey not over yet. Today we explore Amsterdam. Our local guide arrives at 9am and away we go. My passengers want to visit the “red light district”!

All of our suitcases are packed to the rim so no room for anymore shopping….

Purchasing wooden clogs will have to wait til my next visit!

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