Travel With Bradley

Well, “Hello Dollie”!

Yesterday we enjoyed an exceptional day in Lancaster County.

Dollie Fowler who many of you know because of her years of Amish productions at, “The Walters Theatre” greeted us when we arrived. She entertained us throughout the day. Her husband, Lionel kept us laughing at dinner.  How wonderful that Dollie is part of our  Amish experience.  I’m proud to call them my friends.

The vast majority of our time was spent at Bird-In-Hand, where we saw 2 productions and also savored an Amish luncheon buffet. It was opening day for both, “The Wonder and Magic of Christmas” and the musical, “Our Christmas Dinner”.

I first saw the Christmas themed musical with a group of mine last year at a theatre in Indiana’s Amish Country. I was so taken with it. When I heard it was coming to Lancaster I nabbed opening day tickets so I could bring more people to this heart-warming show. The cast did an excellent job especially the actress who played the Amish character, Sadie. There was a bit of a disruption early on when they sat a noisy tour group who arrived late. They held the show start for 15 minutes waiting for them and it was still another 10 minutes afterwards when they arrived.

The local illusionist did a great job entertaining us too. It was wonderful how he incorporated Christmas into his fascinating show. His wife and two young children were part of production that still has us wondering, “how did he do that”. This magical event was a, Travel with Bradley, “Surprise” show for my passengers.

The buffet restaurant was just packed but they can easily handle large crowds and know how to invite their patrons to the buffet lines in order to eliminate lines. There were so many choices but I especially enjoyed the chicken and corn chowder, zucchini casserole and lemon sponge pie.

We really feel spoiled staying at the small, “Inn At Leola Village”. This is the only 4 diamond property in Lancaster County. The guest rooms are all unique and elegantly appointed. The lobby and lounge are warm and inviting. I certainly understand why this Inn is a wedding destination. I always have trouble securing group space here because it’s so popular. This is not a tour group hotel but it falls in line with the quality I look for so its a perfect match for, “Travel With Bradley”.

Dinner was at an Amish Farm where the young children helped serve the delicious Family style meal, which included 3 meats – roast beef, fried chicken and ham balls. The mashed potatoes were whipped to creamy perfection. The corn and green beans were tasty. The fluffy rolls were topped with apple butter. Homemade root beer, pies and ice cream were the ideal end to this Amish feast.

The children sang for us and their parents spoke from the heart about their life experiences – their stories brought tears to our eyes.

There was time spent in their great gift shop and we grabbed some pictures of their inquisitive miniature horses.



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