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Vince Gill We Are Coming To See You!

VINCE GILL we are coming to see you!

Who would ever imagine that we would experience short sleeve weather at the end of November! As we head South the temperature continues to rise and there isn’t a cloud in the bright, blue sky.

We all gathered last night for a pre-tour stay in Woodstock, ON where we also enjoyed a relaxing, holiday turkey dinner with all of the fixins.

This morning after a buffet breakfast we loaded the coach and were off. Everyone was excited to see Betty Sharp as our driver.

Before long we were at the border. After we crossed into the USA we stopped at Cracker Barrel for our morning break stop.

A major detour due to I-75 road construction took us through some interesting areas of Detroit…

We arrived in Toledo at Real Seafood Co. for lunch – right on time at 11:30am. This is an upscale establishment, rated as one of the finest in the city. Kristy, the manager has been welcoming my groups for years. I picked out new menu selections for this tour and they were all exceptional – my choice was the jumbo shrimp scampi, accompanied by a selection of freshly, roasted fall vegetables. We started off with their house cabbage salad – oil based dressing with blue cheese. Dessert was baked-in-house cheesecake. I called in our meal choices last night so the service was quick, efficient and very friendly. We were back on the road within a hour.

We hated to board the coach after our afternoon break stop as the weather was so nice.

The 4 friendly guides at Jungle Jim were waiting for us when we arrived for our 4pm tour. Yes, its unusual that a International Market Store would have tour guides but this isn’t an usual store – it’s huge – 6.5 acres! I asked our guides to shorten their typical 2 hour tour to 45 minutes because we just didn’t have the time. Everyone walked out with purchases. What a fun experience.

After we checked into our hotel which is just north of Cincinnati we gathered for a cocktail reception before dinner. Thanks to General Manager, Frank Arena for making us feel like VIP’s.

Everyone knows I have a jam packed itinerary in store for them in Nashville so most have turned in early tonight.

I don’t think that anyone will have trouble sleeping – the mattresses on the beds are so comfortable.

Vince Gill we are on our way!


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