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Bradley’s ULTIMATE Christmas Gift Ideas

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

All my shopping is DONE because tomorrow I fly to England with a group of mine. We’ll be cruising on the luxurious Cunard Queen Elizabeth – can’t wait!

We’ll be home in enough time on the 24th to celebrate this glorious season.

A couple weeks ago Mom and I were shopping at, “Bath and Beyond” on Pinebush Rd in Cambridge, ON. She spotted the, “Haven Towel Warmer” and asked me if I thought it would be any good. Many of you have used the towel warmers that we sometimes find in hotels or river cruises when you, “Travel With Bradley” and you always rave about them. There is nothing more comforting than wrapping yourself in a warm towel when you come out of a bath or shower. This spa-like experience is enjoyed by everyone.

Mom decided to buy that Towel Warmer and once I heard that it works really well I bought one for myself and I tried it for the first time this morning – AMAZING!

Mom gave me a helpful hint – you need to crunch up the towel when you put it in the warmer instead of perfectly folding it as the heat distributes best that way.

I’m confident that anyone on your Christmas list would really enjoy this towel warmer – its priced at 129.99 and can be found at, “Bath and Beyond”. Before I purchased mine I searched on-line to see if I could find a better bargain but realized that this one is priced extremely well in comparison to the competition.

You can always forget those on your Christmas list and buy one for yourself – just like I did! You’ll thank me for it!

For the ULTIMATE Christmas Gift consider a, “Travel With Bradley” gift certificate! There is nothing better than receiving the gift of travel as you can visit a destination of a lifetime!

Be on the look-out as I’ll do my best to publish blogs as we cruise on the Queen Elizabeth.

Good luck with your Christmas Shopping!



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  1. gwen pooley

    Thank you for that suggestion. It is perfect for my bathroom ! Enjoy your trip and don’t forget Winchester Tower.

    December 8, 2017 at 9:03 am

  2. Judy

    Enjoy your trip Bradley. Can’t wait to hear about it on your blog. Safe travels

    December 8, 2017 at 6:32 pm

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