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Cunard Britannia Restaurant Incident – Shower Anyone?



At 815am or so while sitting in the dining room enjoying a relaxing breakfast a loud sound similar to a whistle filled the room for about 10 seconds or so and then ……….
the fire sprinkler system came on in the middle of the first sectioned the dining room and those sitting under the sprinklers soon jumped to their feet while others that didn’t move as fast ended up getting their morning shower – a “drenching” shower as the longer the sprinkler system was on the more powerful the jets of water were….

I was quick enough to get a bit of video – my nephew, Schyler would be proud of me.

The area of the dining room where the accident occurred is where the Captains Table is located – maybe the beautiful flower arrangement on his table needed some water?

They moved those of us that were in the “Shower Area” to the back of the dining room. The Maitre D’ then treated me like Royalty – he even served me personally and stopped by a number of times to make sure all was fine.

It was interesting hearing the British passengers talking afterwards – one couple said, “well at least we know the sprinkler system works” (true but there was no fire) – and another lady said she felt as though she was on the “Titanic” – that was a bit of a stretch as we were tied to the dock and the Titanic had no sprinkler system.

In Cunard fashion – nothing closes and they continued to sit people for breakfast in the dining room even though everyone had to walk over the wet carpet in order to get to the dry section of the Dining Room.



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