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Good Morning from Southampton, UK

The Atlantic was like a sheet of glass as we sailed last night – even as we crossed through the often bumpy, Bay of Biscay there was hardly a ripple.

Our dinner at Smokehouse was excellent – enjoyed by all. They sat us in a private area so I was able to address my group as we celebrated Pat and Dianne’s birthdays along with Dianne’s and Richard’s 50th Anniversary. I ordered large enough cakes so we were all able to enjoy a slice.

Thank you George for getting up in front of everyone and expressing such kinds words. It has been an excellent journey.

I thought that I was done blogging for a few days but I decided to share a story with you.

At the gym on board the Queen Elizabeth I ended up chatting with a friendly gentleman. We always seemed to work out at the same time. I eventually learned that he is a Doctor and along with his wife they enjoy cruising but require 2 bedroom suites. He asked me if I would be interested in booking their future travel so I left him a business card.

Last night I ran into him again and he said, “Mr Walters you are not going to forget me”! He repeated this a couple more times….

He then said that he looked at my business card when he got back to his stateroom and saw that we have the same last name – his first name is Leonard so I expressed that we also have a Leonard in our family.

He then went on to tell me that his son is a Lord, “Lord Robert Walters”. He said that I should check out his profile on-line which I did – – Lord Robert is in the entertainment business and is a very successful model (even underwear). My Uncle Robert (Bob) Walters who many of you know will be interested in hearing about this but please Uncle Bob, don’t think you have a chance modeling underwear….

Leonard Walters expressed that he would be in touch with me within a couple of days – as he said I’m not going to forget him! I need to join to see if we are related…. possibly there is a Lord in the family!

We will hopefully be off the ship within an hour heading towards Windsor Castle for a quick visit before heading to Heathrow for our flight home. I expect the airports to be very busy.

I understand that the weather isn’t the best at home so I sure hope it improves for our arrival.

Wish us a good flight.


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  1. Merle Henhoeffer

    The weather today Sunday 24th is beautiful. Beautiful sunny skies and a nice temperature.
    Wow, that is awesome meeting a “Lord” especially with the last name Walters.
    Maybe on our next journey with you, him and his family will be joining us.
    When we are travelling with you I enjoy meeting new people and telling them what a caring and wonderful person you are..very organized and you travel with us.
    This trip sounded absolutely wonderful as they all are.
    Safe travels. Merle

    December 24, 2017 at 1:19 pm

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