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All Aboard – SILVERSEA Silver Galapagos

It was an early start this morning – our wakeup call was set for 3:45am.

At 4:30am the JW Marriott restaurant opened especially for Silversea Guests.

I am really enjoying tasting local fruit that I had no idea existed. There were so many varieties for us to try at breakfast.

This morning by 4:30am we needed to have our checked luggage outside our door for collection and agricultural inspection. Silversea arranged for the mandatory luggage inspection to be done prior to us heading to the Galapagos. This saves time – a very nice perk.

To avoid long lines at the airport check-in there were a number of shuttles scheduled to leave the JW Marriott. We were assigned colour – RED. Our departure was at 6am and a Silversea representative came with us. We were given a receipt for the Galapagos tourist fee which SilverSea paid on our behalf in advance – another perk. We also had to fill out a Health Questionnaire. The cruise rep asked if I would take ALL the passengers health and present them to the Silversea staff once we arrived – I agreed.

When we arrived at the Quitos Domestic Terminal our luggage was waiting for us. The Silversea rep guided us to a private check in area for Latam Airlines. We received our boarding passes on the coach (other Silversea advantage) so check-in was very quick – basically the staff just tagged our luggage. Security was quick too. In no time we were on the plane – a newer airbus 319.

We were so impressed with both the International and Domestic Terminals at Quito Airport – just 4 years old. Johnny Rockets restaurant is found in the Domestic Terminal – a nice bakery restaurant was near to our gate – many nice quality gift shops.

The jet was pretty much full. We enjoyed 2 flights – a 35 minute one to begin with and then we remained on the plane while they refueled, then it was another 90 minute flight before we arrived on a Galapagos Island.

Of course the Silversea staff was out in full force at the airport. My friends followed my packing suggestions so we ran into no agricultural issues once we arrived. Our boutique cruise ship was just 5 minutes from the pier. We were split on 2 coaches for our transfer. There was little wait to get on the zodiacs at the pier. Soon we were onboard and warmly welcomed with champagne plus we were greeted with the smiling faces of the Silversea Crew.

A number of us decided to enjoy a luncheon on deck at the Grill. The grill features different entrees daily – there is a salad/dessert bar which helped ourselves with. I ordered the sea bass which was just delicious – best I ever tasted – so fresh.

I chatted with the maitre-d and he is kindly going to keep all of us together for dinner in the main dining room. He also booked us all for the Grill Speciality Dinner tomorrow evening.

Our staterooms suites are oversize and comfortable – so spacious – even the washroom and shower.

Our butler is very friendly – came around to find out how he should stock the stateroom mini-bar! All complimentary – as many bottles as you would like.

This cruise ship holds just 100 passengers so we already have got to meet many of our fellow travelers – at lunch the travelers beside us were from Sydney, Australia.

Well I must go – soon time for the muster drill.

Temperatures are in the 80’s and the blue skies are so inviting.

We are already having a fabulous time aboard the Silver Galapagos.



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