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Making Lifetime Memories With Silversea

Of course when you visit the Galapagos everyone wants to experience everything so expect very busy days – lots of fresh air – amazing experiences.

Islands Visited Today230B5DF0-A1A6-4764-B9CC-E23D0E96D005Bartolome and Caleta Bucanero

These unique islands are very isolated – they are located over 600 miles from the Mainland Coast of Ecuador. Very few of them are inhabited but locals love living, “in the middle of nowhere” and feel its a perfect place to raise a family.

The Silver Galapagos has recently been voted best ship in the Galapagos and also Best Shore Excursions offered in the Galapagos – the staff on board are so proud of these honors. It’s the excellent, hand selected National Park guides that elevate Silverseas. These guides are the best in the industry.

We are the largest group on board so the other passengers have already figured out who the Canadians are! We easily fill part of a deck when we gather.

Today the earliest excursion was promoted as a “Strenuous” Hike – uphill and then backdown – over 380 steps each way. Five of us took a zodiac ashore at 7am and we quickly started our climb. Our Silversea guide was superb. He knew when we needed a rest and he was full of informative knowledge. The views we saw were spectacular. This view is used in many Galapagos tourist lure pieces.

Those that were not on the Strenuous Hike enjoyed a zodiac tour that hugged the island – they saw a number of mammals including penguins which are hard to find.

The next morning excursion was a snorkeling one. Wet suits are provided but my friends didn’t find the water to be cold. A few of them snorkeled with sharks! Those that are snorkeling had to attend a mandatory class onboard as the onboard staff stress that safety is a number one priority.

Most of us enjoyed lunch on deck at the grill. The weather was just so perfect – we all wanted to be outside. On the menu today was shrimp, salmon and a fish stew. The selections on the most part are very healthy. You aren’t going to find French fries and onion rings or burgers but there is a pasta and pizza selection.

We took over the back of one deck as we sailed to the next island. We passed many islands along the way.

At 4:40pm we boarded zodiacs once again for an excursion where we saw a number of beautiful mammals.

I turned to David who was sitting next to me saying,
“its hard to believe that there are so many issues in the World when we are surrounded by such beauty”.

We all agreed that the animals are not a problem – humans are the problem.

At 7pm we gathered for a briefing so we know what to expect tomorrow.

A “meet the captain” party followed.

We dined in the alternative restaurant and had so much fun cooking our entree on a hot rock. I picked Salmon and prawns. Most picked the beef filet. We had so much fun. Our group always seems to be the first in the dining room and the last to leave!

I tried and tried to upload pics with no luck so have decided to send this off and will try blogging pictures again later….






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  1. Chris

    Ohhhh it sounds wonderful. My kind of vacation. This one’s on my bucket list.
    Thanks for sharing with us Bradley.

    February 19, 2018 at 8:47 am

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