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Rain Damaged Gear…..

Last night during dinner one of my friends said that yesterday was, “probably the best day of her life”! Another friend then said, “I could live on this ship – just perfect”.

They are so pleased that I have been organizing wonderful journeys to exotic lands like Galapagos, Kenya, South Africa, India, Vietnam and Bali.

Once you visit an exotic destination the seed is planted and chances are you will want to see more.

Visiting a destination like Galapagos is an expedition type journey. These aren’t the easiest destinations to reach. To enjoy, “everything” you ideally should be in decent shape with good mobility. You will still enjoy the journey if you have issues but its best to do these types of expedition journeys while you can enjoy them at the fullest. Passengers that don’t get off the ship and can still enjoy the beautiful views from onboard. When we are anchored we are in awe of the mammals that come right next to the ship.

If you plan on visiting the Galapagos feel free to email me at http://www.askbradley@bradleywalters and I’d be happy to share some great pointers on what to pack for an expedition journey like this one. Overall I did a, “very good job” packing but after being here for a few days I could help you do an even better one.

This morning there were so many excursions offered it was difficult deciding what to pick. We all want to do everything but its just not possible. Silversea has been awarded the, “Best Excursions Award” once again. We are all so impressed with the excursions that have been offered but I am even more impressed with how safety comes first.

A few of my friends went on todays hike which offered spectacular views and the rest of us enjoyed a zodiac boat excursion. Our guide was superb – Daniel, has studied Marine Biology in Halifax and is going to be living in Ottawa. All the guides on board Silversea are filled with enthusiasm and love for the mammals. Daniel has a very down-to-earth demeanor which makes him a great teacher.

Last night during the 7pm briefing a naturalist spoke about the Galapagos Penguins and explained how they have dots on their bellies which help to identify them. One of the naturalist studies the local penguins and she showed us pictures of Lemon and Lime. Today during our zodiac cruise we spotted Lime (4 dots). Daniel told us that Lemon would be close by but we didn’t find him.

Daniel also pointed out a rare Juvenile Blue Footed Boobie. Its feet were purple instead of blue. It takes 5 years for them to mature and when they do their feet turn neon blue in colour.

I asked Daniel if there is mercury found in locally caught fish. He said not as much as in other parts of the World. I then asked about the local Tuna. He won’t eat it and said if we are interested in learning more he would join us over dinner to discuss. I have invited him to join us on Thursday night.

A number of my friends went snorkeling this morning after the zodiac and walking tour. They reported wonderful mammal sightings.

We took over the grill once again at lunch. The staff is more than accommodating and are happy to set up a very long table for us. The cat is out of the bag – some young children ordered burgers and fries – they aren’t on the menu. I saw some of my passengers salivating so I expect they’ll be ordering the same tomorrow.

This afternoon on the zodiac tour the skies opened and we got drenched – my iPad and camera were in a backpack but got wet – my camera may be shot and my iPad is having issues. If you don’t get any blogs or Facebook posts after this one you’ll know why.

Could be a very expensive day for me….



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