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An Amazing Day Exploring the Galapagos

This morning after an early breakfast some of us took zodiacs to Cerro Dragon, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos in order to find the Galapagos Land Iguanas.

These mammals can grow to a length of over 3 feet and can weigh up to 26 pounds. They need to heat themselves up during the mornings so luckily a few of them were on the trails we walked on. I was so grateful because this allowed me to get some decent close pictures with my iPad since my zoom camera is out of commission. We have been so lucky – even our guides have expressed how lucky we have been to see all the famous Galapagos mammals up close.

The male iguanas defend their territory and dig large holes which they use as homes.
Feral Dogs nearly wiped out the iguana colonies so a breeding and rearing program was started in 1975 and in turn the iguana population has increased to around 300.

Even though todays hike was mainly on flat surfaces it was challenging as it involved walking over lava rock which is pretty tricky. You certainly don’t want to fall on lava rock.

Surprisingly there were a few issues at dinner last night which I discussed with the Hotel Manager. The cuisine was delicious but somehow they messed up badly with service. Like every great restaurant at home there is always the odd, “off night”. Today we received an invite to a private cocktail reception plus cheese platters – chocolate covered strawberries – wine  –  arrived in our suites. All not necessary but the Silversea Staff want to exceed our expectations and they did that starting as soon as we arrived on board.

The seafood selection on board has been outstanding. Last night almost all of us ordered the local Scorpion Fish which was highly recommended by the chef. It’s a white fish that is full of flavour – I’d rate it the most delicious fish we’ve had so far during this cruise. On this ship if you order the seafood entree you just can’t go wrong. It’s always fresh and prepared perfectly. I don’t recall ever eating so much seafood in my life – its been my entree choice for every lunch and dinner while onboard SilverSea’s Silver Galapagos.

We all enjoyed the afternoon hike and beach time.

Most of us attended a cooking class before our private cocktail party – they even provided entertainment for us.

Dinner was so much fun – Ecuadorian BBQ feast. I invited Daniel one of the naturalists who is moving to Ottawa to join us.

An evenings highlight was seeing 8ft sharks next to the cruise ship.

Another fantastic day!

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