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You may want to move to Gander, NFLD!

If you follow my Facebook posts you’ll already know that I saw the matinee performance of “Come From Away” in Toronto on Wednesday.

I purchased tickets to see, “Come From Away” last year but life at times is so busy I had to pass on seeing it that time.

My brother Darren was kind enough to represent our Dinner Theatre at a travel show in Niagara so I didn’t have to miss the performance this time.

You have probably heard that Toronto has a King Street Transit program in place so if you want to avoid a $110.00 fine you need to know the rules. Basically if you turn right on King Street (where the Royal Alex Theatre is) you have to turn right again one block later so you are off King. Priority has been given to streetcars. There are warning signs but out-of-towners like me, who aren’t aware of this pilot project may not realize they are doing anything wrong until they are fined!

I parked in the Roy Thompson Hall underground – $20.00. It’s a bit of a maze so you really need to take note where you parked. When I got out of the show I saw many theatre patrons trying to find their cars in this underground.

I enjoyed a casual lunch at Ricarda’s 134 which is located at 134 Peter Street – a 10 minute walk from the theatre. I was intrigued when I walked past this restaurant a number of months ago and since then I have wanted to try it out. Its a large restaurant with an open kitchen. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and arethe only restaurant in the city that offers a Jazz Brunch. Fresh pastas, salads and flatbreads make up much of the extensive lunch menu. If you are short on time you can grab something from their bakery or take-out area.

Typically when in this part of Toronto I would dine at, “PAI” a Northern Thai Kitchen but I thought I should try something new. I enjoyed Ricarda’s 134 but missed PAI!

When, “Come From Away” finished its run in Toronto last year it transferred to Broadway.

The current production of, “Come From Away” has a new cast of 12 performers who play a variety of characters that were involved when 38 planes made emergency landings in Gander, NFLD on Sept 11, 2001.

I was most impressed with Eliza-Jane Scott who plays the part of the first female American airline pilot. Her Southern Drawl, actions and singing voice reminded me of country singer, “Reba McEntire”.

This is not a big production show – its all about the acting and this cast quickly draws you into the story.

If you see this production you’ll smile, laugh, tear up but most importantly it will make you proud to be Canadian. You may even have the urge to move to Gander, NFLD!

I highly recommend you join this summer’s, “Travel With Bradley” Newfoundland Journey (Aug 3-11) because its not only spectacular scenery that you will experience. You’ll also meet some of the friendliest Canadians who call the Rock their home. They’ll welcome you just like they welcomed the foreigners that were stranded on Sept 11, 2001.

My matinee ticket was $120.38 plus 12.00 service fee – Grand Total – 131.00. Expect to pay more for a good evening performance ticket.

Tickets for, “Come From Away” aren’t easy to come by but there is no need to be in a rush as there are rumors that this production will be around for over a year.

Months ago, Barbara a great friend and frequent traveler invited me to join her for dinner after the show. Just like on a, “Travel With Bradley” Yellow Brick Road Mystery Tour she kept the restaurant name a secret until the day before I attended the show.

Scaramouche has been on top of Toronto lists of best restaurants for 38 years. It’s a culinary institution. Our waiter proudly told us that he has worked at Scaramouche for 28 years. He was a pro.

I selected Northern BC Sturgeon as my main course. It’s a mild white fish with an almost pork-like texture – full of flavour. We split a piece of their famed coconut cream pie (fresh coconut custard, chantilly cream, white chocolate shavings) and it didn’t disappoint.

Barbara requested her favourite table so we could enjoy sweeping views of the skyline of Toronto. They were impressive.

Scaramouche is located in a 1955 apartment building which has since been converted into a condominium. It would have been a great investment back in 1955 because units currently often sell for over $1Million.

What a spectacular day with a record breaking spring like temperature – 16C!



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    I always enjoy your blogs. I am looking forward to the Newfoundland trip but firstly am getting ready for Ireland!!

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