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Soon Will Be In Singapore!

We currently have 3 hours before we land in Hong Kong – we have been flying for 11 hours since we left San Francisco.

It’s been a pleasure flying Singapore Airlines. The check-in procedure in San Fran was smooth as silk. I still cannot believe how quickly they got everyone on board the aircraft. Manpower certainly makes a difference. They had many staff telling us exactly what we needed to do – what documents to put away – what needed to be in our hands – it worked!

Headphones for the audio visual system were handed to us before we boarded the plane and we could help ourselves to a selection of newspapers.

Oversized roller bags were taken from passengers and checked. They had airline reps walking throughout the waiting area making sure that customer carry-on bags were compliant. Many of my passengers said they are glad that I told them not to use roller carry-on bags as there is nothing worse than having your carry-on bag taken from you as it usually contains your most valuable travel processions.

We departed late but an announcement was made that the Captain would still get us to Hong Kong on time. There is a noise by-law in that city and if we would have left on time we would have spent time circling as we would have arrived early and the noise by-law would have restricted our landing time.

Menus were distributed and Dinner was served soon after take-off. Really HOT towels were brought around prior to dinner so we could freshen up. I was not hungry at all probably because it was the middle of the night but I ate some fish. We were given real cutlery – not plastic. I admit that I really enjoyed a Singapore Sling before I shut my eyes. I slept very well and after such a long flight feel really good. It’s so important to sleep during these long haul flights.

There is a baby across from me and he can be pretty vocal at times. It’s a sign of the times as his Dad looks after him while Mom does everything but.

The crew constantly switch up a variety of snacks – fruit, granola bars, sandwiches, cookies – you can help yourself whenever you wish.

I chatted with a steward and stewardess for quite a while. The steward was a young looking 50 and he told me how air travel has changed over the decades. Years ago it was a luxury to fly – now a necessity. Like all airlines he said there have been cutbacks but Singapore Airlines is still a very polished product. The attendants look so professional and are so friendly. My passengers commented what a difference in comparison to the unfriendly staff who looked sloppy that looked after us on the Air Canada flight to San Fran.

If the Singapore airline staff are sitting as you enter the area in the back section of the plane they stand right away to welcome you and are eagerly ready to offer beverages, snacks – they are going to do whatever they can to make us happy. The washrooms on board are kept absolutely spotless – I seldom see that when I fly nowadays. They are large which is a bonus and there are a variety of toiletries available to use.

I was hungry for breakfast and it tasted SO good even though it had been in storage on the plane for hours. We had a choice and I selected the, “real” eggs with tomatoes, chicken sausage, potatoes, yogurt, sliced fruit, roll, tea and orange juice.

We are now reboarding our plane in Hong Kong – quick turnaround.

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