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We Are Off to Bali, Indonesia

Well I am currently sitting in a transfer vehicle heading to Toronto airport so I thought this would be a good time to start writing a blog post.

I’d like to thank all of you that traveled to see me yesterday in Woodstock at the South Gate Centre trade show. I knew to expect many local folks but was shocked to learn that some of you that drove over 2 hours. It was a very busy show so Melanie and I didn’t have much time to chat with anyone for any length of time. Thanks again to all of you!

My group is flying Air Canada to San Francisco and then we join Singapore Airlines for our long-haul to Singapore with a stop in Hong Kong.

I am anxious to fly Singapore Airlines again. I had the privilege of flying First Class with them a few years ago. That was an amazing experience. I was able to pre-order Lobster for my in-flight dinner. The stewardesses wore slippers so they wouldn’t disturb us during the night. They even made sure we were nicely tucked in for the evening. The pajamas they brought me may have fit an Asian man but not me – smile!

When organizing this group I had a choice of a couple airlines but I knew that Singapore was the best choice.

We will spend an evening in Singapore at the Fairmont (a favourite of mine) and then we will arrive in Bali late in the day on Friday.


Checking in for the flight was quite easy today. The Air Canada reps had to check us in since we are flying to another country outside of the States so we didn’t have to face the dreaded computer terminals to check in. That pleased everyone. The lines were short for security and immigration.

I once again provided passes for my group to enter the lounge at the airport. It was extremely but I found everyone seats. They enjoyed the complimentary meal and of course the drinks.

We departed Toronto on time. One man checking in ahead of us went off the deep end when he was asked to put his carry-on bag in the metal box to make sure it wasn’t oversized. I was surprised that they ended up letting him on the flight. Once again they ended up having to check a number of roller carry-on bags at the gate. There is just not enough space on the aircraft for them when its a full flight. My passengers are happy they packed soft sided bags as I suggested.

Of course it would be nice if Air Canada still provided complimentary meals like they use too during North American flights, but what they now offer for sale is substantial and good quality. NEW – They are now carrying food items from Freshii, a Canadian franchise that specializes in healthy food choices.

The flight attendants were not too friendly but they knew the routine and got the job done.

It was a fairly smooth flight all the way to San Francisco. We flew over snow-capped Rocky mountains as the sun was setting – very beautiful.

I had wonderful seat mates – a gentleman from Ottawa who works for Apple – he travels to Apples head office outside of San Francisco for 1 week every month.

The lady on the other side of me told me where she was original from and I told her that I am going to be bringing a group to her country for the first time. She read over my proposed itinerary and just praised the entire thing. One of the restaurants I picked is her favourite – her husband was raised a few doors down from it. She said I have also booked their very best hotels. I learned about her entire family – I think she has a family member in every town we are visiting. I of course can’t tell you what country I am writing about…. you’ll find out at my travel show in August! She really got me excited about this destination! That tour is going to be WINNER!

There is a few hours to go before we board the Singapore Airlines flight.  The United jet next to our Singapore jet is flying to Auckland.  Lots of kiwi’s are sitting among us.  They depart before us.

I’ll hopefully be able to send you another message from our stop in Hong Kong – about 20 hours from now. If not you’ll hear from me when we reach Singapore!


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