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Bali – Paradise on Earth!

Enjoyed a wonderful  time visiting the best of  Singapore before our 2 hr 15 min flight to Densapasar, Bali.

Checked in for the 4:30pm flight at 145pm.  I gave my passengers money so they could buy lunch at a venue in the Singapore Airport – there is a massive choice.

Singapore Airlines gladly provided us TWO group check-in desks.

You can clear immigration with automation or by visiting a customs rep – your choice.

Security is at the gate so quick.

Was surprised to see Chicago Garrett’s Popcorn for sale  in the airport!  Of course I could not resist the Chicago Mix!

Airbus 330 Flight to Denspasar was full – very smooth flight.

Had an interesting seat mate.  A young guy (early 20’s) from Prague who travels the World.  He is a plane buff and searches out rare aircraft to fly on.  His travel schedule is much more hectic than mine – he just flew from Peru to Vancouver to Calgary to Singapore to Bali – he stops and visited each destination.  Most of the time he flies business and sometimes first class He has an apartment in Hong Kong as he said it provides the best nightlife for “young” people – think that was a hint that I am no longer “young”.  At his age he has traveled almost as much as I have!  Wonderful opportunity for him thanks to his parents successful business.

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After checking into a spacious, Balinese style room I enjoyed dinner at the resort restaurant on the beach where the cuisine was excellent!  For the main course I enjoyed a mixed seafood grill with jumbo prawns!  With our all-inclusive package we have a choice of 5 restaurants.

Early this morning I met most of my passengers while strolling the grounds.  Everyone is up early checking everything out – Everyone is thrilled!

Breakfast featured cuisines from Bali, Asia, India and International!

Today is a relaxing day – many of my gang have already nabbed their spots next to the pool and on the beach.  The weather is already sunny and hot!




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    Looks wonderful enjoy the sunshine. Your Pics are just amazing….. i will continue to read your blogs.. Debbie

    March 9, 2018 at 9:38 pm

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