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Quiet Please – Its “Silence Day” In Bali

Silence Day (New Years Day) in Bali is a yearly event that is truly unique.

The Melia Resort, Nusa Dua is at 75% occupancy but never felt busy until today.  Since nobody is allowed on the streets or the beach everyone staying at the resort made good use of the facilities and the pool area was alive with action.  I applaud the hotel management because they created many activities to fill the day – games, sports and even outdoor movies.

In order to accommodate everyone in the resort restaurants we needed to make reservations.  A number of us were fortunate to secure bookings in the Spanish Fine Dining Restaurant, Sorrento.  It was filled to capacity with Australians and my Canadian passengers!  I’ll attach some pictures of the entrees they prepare.

A group of my female passengers joined me for a delicious Balinese Buffet luncheon next to the beach.

When the sun went down and I walked from my room to the Sorrento restaurant it was a true reminder of the day as there was only minimal lighting that has been placed in certain areas of the hotel.  The beautiful Melia Grounds are pitch black tonight.  The first route I attempted was not lit so I found one where they had placed candles to lead the way.   The Hindu’s who make up 90% of the population will not turn on any lights today.  For them this New Year Day is a time for prayer, meditation and fasting.

Tonight’s atmosphere reminded me a bit of when the hydro/electricity goes out at home during a major winter ice storm.  In true fashion, my passengers respected this special holiday and kept our lighting use to a minimum today.

Definitely its a bit spooky when walking outside but it forced my eyes to drift upward to the heavens – what a show that was – I don’t recall ever seeing so many stars – spectacular!

When I initially booked this group I had no idea about Silence Day plus all the festivities that lead up to it but my passengers all agree that it has been a major bonus being here during this time.  In our part of the World this event  is very much a tourism secret but the word is getting out.  The hotel staff told me that every year bookings continually increase as tourists want to experience, “Silence Day” in Bali.




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