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Farewell Bali – Thank You!

Dawn has arrived on the ialand of Bali,  The birds are singing.  Soon we will be traveling to the airport for our journey home.

The consensus amongst my passengers is they don’t want to leave.  I had to chuckle when one of them said she hopes a volcano blows so we are stuck here.

Yesterday I was so pleased because I received so many accolades from my passengers.  Comments included – “this journey was spectacular” – “everything was perfect” – “We don’t think during the rest of the our lifetime we will ever experience another destination as exotic as Bali” – “the service has been excellent – the staff remembers my name” and on and on……

I work so hard to make sure, “Travel With Bradley” journeys are wonderful experiences. This one certainly ticked off all the boxes.

Like everywhere, we now have to be mindful about pickpockets…. and while in Bali, even the monkeys.  I did have a bad experience when exchanging money at a stand in Seminyak.  I had read how careful you need to be when doing this but I counted the money before I left the counter and all was fine until I took that money to a boutique to pay for a purchase and then realized I was short a million dollars in their currency (about 100USD).   Somehow that money changer grabbed one of the 3 piles of currency that was on the table in front of me without me noticing.  I marched back to that money changer and there was no arguement – the currency that was missing was handed over – I was lucky!   Bad Karma is not a good thing here.  The moral of this story is – while in Bali, exchange your money at the airport or hotel where you are staying – the rates will not be quite as favourable but you’ll have piece of mind that all will be ok.  I used a money changer because I had no option at the time but I learned my lesson….

When I host a tour my adrenaline is moving 100 miles an hour.  I think I am relaxed but I know I am not because at the end of a journey when I say goodbye to my passengers at Toronto Pearson Airport or at the Woodstock Quality Hotel that adrenaline must stop flowing because I am just exhausted.  It doesn’t matter the time of day, I all of a sudden am just so tired I need to crawl into bed.  On this journey that happened last night while I was eating dinner in the Lotus Restaurant at the Melia Resort.  My body must have said its time to relax as this journey is coming to an end – the , “Good Karma” of this place finally took a hold of me and I ended up sleeping like a baby,

As exotic as Bali is to us, Canada is just as exotic to the locals.  Many that I met dream about visiting our country especially to see a snowfall.  They asked so many questions about Canada,  Sadly chances are they may never have the financial means to travel that far.  Some we met have visited neighbouring Indonesian islands and a very few have experienced other Asian countries.

The beliefs and way of life in Bali makes it a beautiful place.  Their philosophies all make sense.  Its truly paradise.

If you embrace it, a journey to this little island can quite honestly be life-changing.



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