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Hello Amsterdam!

I had a bit of time at home after the, “Travel With Bradley Bali Journey” to get organized and packed for the, “Travel With Bradley UniWorld Spring River Cruise”.

Yesterday, I boarded a Robert Q shuttle for Toronto Pearson where I met my passengers. Air Canada was gracious to me this time as they quickly set up a group-check area with 4 agents just for my group. Our check in process was therefore very quick and after we cleared security we relaxed in the Premium Lounge – a, “Travel With Bradley” perk.

We flew onboard one of Air Canada’s new 787 aircraft to Amsterdam – flying time was to be a very quick 6 hours and 20 minutes but we had to circle before landing in Amsterdam and for some reason there was trouble getting luggage off the plane ….

In March new by-laws came into play, keeping coaches out of the core of Amsterdam unless its a shuttle to a hotel to drop passengers and luggage.

For me a true highlight of our day was our welcome luncheon on a stunning Canal Boat that was built in 1910. Itwas able to charter this stunning vessel just for this group – we felt like celebrities as many tourists were taking picture of this unique boat and us, as we sailed along many of the famous canal waterways of Amsterdam. The progressive meal was beautifully presented and just delicious – as impressive as dining in a very high end restaurant. This is one of the best inclusions I have EVER offered in Amsterdam so you can expect to see it as part of my future Amsterdam journeys.

We then traveled 10 minutes to our hotel which is located in the heart of Old Town.

The Kimpton DeWitt is a centrum hideaway as it envelopes two 17th-century homes. This is Kimpton’s first European boutique hotel. Kimpton Hotels are all designed by Ave Bradley. She picked soft blues and greys with eye-catching contemporary art and intriguing furniture to decorate this hotel. She also incorporated some period touches such as old beams and stained glass. This hotel is a perfect example of a modern approach to luxury steeped in Dutch design.   Some say it’s, “a bit rebellious”.

At 5pm many of us gathered in the comfortable lobby for complimentary Wine Hour.

We can also find fine teas at the tea bar. The House Bar which is located in one of the 17th-century buildings stocks over 50 varieties of gin.

The ample sized and noise-insulated rooms feature a blue and grey colour scheme along with modern art and Delftware references. The beds are super comfy and the tv is huge. The bathroom features a large walk-in shower with rain shower head, funky Escher-cube tiling and Marie-Stella toiletries.

Dinner was served at Wyers Restaurant. It’s Chef is known as Sammy D and he brings American comfort food into play with Dutch traditions and ingredients. We really enjoyed a 3 course meal with included wine.

Many in my group wanted to venture into the Red Light District after dinner but were nervous to go on their own so they asked me to host the first ever, “Travel With Bradley Red Light District Tour”! The streets were packed with tourists. There was plenty of nervous laughter as we walked along.

After our first long travel day everyone, including me is ready to sink into the comfy Kimpton De Witt beds.  It’s almost midnight.

Tomorrow we board an up-market, UniWorld Riverboat for a nine night cruise throughout Holland and Belgium.

This is the busiest season of the year in Amsterdam. The hotels are packed with tourists from all over the World who are here especially to see thousands of blooming tulips. We saw many spring flowers in bloom today but will see the main tulip gardens in a couple of days.E358FFB6-573B-4FF0-8D19-ECF3152916EFBD77739C-2D88-403B-BD15-8C0D82339CE28990A45D-9C3C-45C0-BD1F-DF345FDC5152CAD84052-24C1-4DDA-A59B-15416A9D4DF692B47B8C-2355-47EE-A1B5-C6166B8B8F16409E5312-81EA-4229-9461-6E6A96B0D3B78CD18D58-7E82-4BD0-AEBD-17A6AB439F7320F69F09-1C74-4AD7-B895-229BAC9EB6D756A67FD3-C95D-41DB-A62E-B8FA301F191D80B0C142-35EB-45E8-9070-00FEAB260C189FA1DA2C-05E2-46C2-B764-0F161F3737BFC02B174A-308E-4922-9082-191CC5BFDD14613D02D6-6F82-4D2B-BD47-B2E2E91BCEBCB594479F-2A15-4995-A691-F2135D56CDA620C0E25E-0966-4748-92F4-478F89C59F42C2BB90FB-A4BC-44DF-81CE-51CD9460EA58767C0B79-D58A-48A9-9738-108C1610208206DB24BE-B65E-4EA2-BEF8-D230C87262CB2A405C19-7852-40DA-8B25-D20FB4430586F7F91C9B-C0AD-43E2-A8A3-B81C95C485F6D8C932D0-D5FD-42BC-A861-100AA0E0B372

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  1. tink

    What a great start! I LOVED riding the waves on the canals of Amsterdam! I wanted to drive the boat! Enjoy! <3

    March 27, 2018 at 8:45 pm

  2. tink

    P.S. <3 = a nice big red heart!! xxoo…kind of like a Valentine Love Heart! :-} = a nice big smile!! xxoo

    March 27, 2018 at 8:46 pm

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