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Onboard UniWorld’s, “River Dutchess”

Breakfast this morning at the Kimpton was top notch. Most European hotel breakfasts are buffet. This was a sit-down meal. We picked from an extensive menu that featured entrees of a very high quality. I was so impressed.

Some of us walked 15 minutes from our hotel to the Amsterdam Flower Market. This was my first time visiting this attraction which is geared to tourists. There was plenty of flower bulbs for sale but surprisingly very few fresh cut flowers. This area also features many cheese shops.

The Kimpton staff professionally collected our luggage and todays coach driver had no trouble packing it into the vehicle – yesterdays driver wasn’t as meticulous because he needed to store two pieces of our luggage in the main cabin.

It was a short 10 minute drive to the Riverboat docks. The UniWorld staff warmly greeted us and luckily all our rooms were ready for occupancy. Shortly after getting into our well designed staterooms, staff members arrived with our luggage. It was wonderful to unpack and get settled.

The, “River Dutchess” was recently renovated so everything about her looks brand new. All UniWorld ships are unique in interior design so their passengers can expect a, “new” experience each time they sail.

Lunch was soon served in the Palace Restaurant. I especially enjoyed the local recipe pea soup and salad bar – the choices were just so fresh, almost as if they just arrived from the local farmers field.

Most of us enjoyed an afternoon stroll. I ventured out for a few hours, spending most of my time in local (not tourist) areas. The downtown core of Amsterdam is really quite small so once you get your bearings its pretty easy to navigate. When you look at a map of the city it looks much more challenging than it actually is.

We are the largest group on board, followed by another one from Brazil. There are also many Americans sailing, along with Australians, English from the UK and a few passengers from Taiwan.

The Captain presented his safety briefing in the comfortable lounge and we also heard from the Hotel and Cruise Director prior to dinner.

Dinner was delicious as always on UniWorld ships but the dining room staff had a few challenges. Their season has just started so the new staff is getting up to speed.

There are many tour options tomorrow. Most of us are heading out on the early 815am departure so we are turning in early this evening.

Unfortunately the onboard WI-FI is not allowing me to upload pictures tonight so I’ll try again tomorrow.

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