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Spring Has Sprung in Kiev

We enjoyed another jam packed day in Kiev, Ukraine.  After we enjoyed a very delicious buffet breakfast at the Hyatt Regency (lovin the beet juice) we boarded our coach and visited the impressive famine memorial.  The famine was artificially created by Stalin – thousands in rural areas died while those living in Ukrainian cities had no idea this was going on.

The famous Kyle Percherska Monestary sits on 80 acres.  We toured this complex and were so impressed.  We held candles as we entered very narrow caves where saints are buried.

Our guide at the Second World War Museum was superb and so was this museum.

Lunch was at a beautifully decorated traditional Ukrainian restaurant.  The 3 courses served were delicious.  I especially enjoyed the borsh soup and breaded chicken cutlets.  .

We then headed to the downtown core for ice cream desserts. – how does cherry ice cream served in a chocolate cone sound?

There was just enough time before leaving for our evening activities for me to enjoy the state-of-the-art gym and spa at the Hyatt.

We toured a typical 2 room locals apartment in the downtown core.  Its not unusual for 6 people to live in a similar space.  Street-sold cherry vodka made an appearance.

We were entertained by 2 singers and a button accordion player during dinner.  Its the first time that I have ever eaten stuffed potato pancakes (salmon, cheese, beef).  Cabbage rolls and skewered pieces of beef, pork and chicken, fries covered in mushrooms and fried onions were served.  Fruit filled perogies were the perfect dessert – my favourite was the poppy seed ones followed by the sour cherry.

When we arrived back at our hotel a group of us went for a stroll to see more of the Easter Ukrainian Easter Egg displays,

Tomorrow we move on to our next mystery tour destination……

Stay tuned!

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