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A Terrific Day In ROME

Yesterday I arrived at Toronto Pearson way ahead of when I was to meet my passengers but to my surprise many of them were already waiting for me!   The lead Air Canada staff member I dealt with was exceptional to work with.  The airport was crazy busy – reminded me of the Christmas holiday season.  Luckily my passengers were given priority over those who were waiting in ridiculous long lines to check in for their flights.  I was able to usher my passengers past those lines and right up to the counters.  In no time we were all checked in!  My passengers were very happy,

I then worried when we arrived at the Premium Lounge (a Travel With Bradley perk) as they were filled to capacity and there was a long line of people waiting to get in (I had never experienced that before).  Their staff knew to expect us so they had “reserved” seats arranged for us – we avoided another line!  My passengers all enjoy delicious entrees and a variety of beverages before boarding the flight to Rome.

There was a weight balance problem with the Air Canada 777 aircraft  so it was an hour late taking off.  The plane was filled to capacity.  Service was very good.  In flight food was mediocre at best.  We ran across sone turbulence during the dinner service so they had to wait until the skies calmed down before they could continue.  One of the flight attendants children were on the flight.  It was the first time they had flown so it was fun watching their interactions with their Dad who was so proud.

Most of my passengers enjoyed a decent rest during the flight.

By the time we cleared customs in Rome and retrieved our luggage we were way behind schedule.

The quaint luncheon restaurant management (just a 2 minute walk from the Vatican) luckily agreed to hold our reservation and serve us quickly.  Their staff did a wonderful job.  We enjoyed a delicious meal – nice appetizer plate, pasta in a scrumptious tomato sauce, fresh salad, flaky delicate dessert all washed down with included local wine.

Luckily the crowds at the Vatican Museum were smaller than I have ever seen so although we were forced to walk along with the masses of people it was possible to actually stop to take pictures.

The highlight for most of my passengers was spending time in the Sistine Chapel – just amazing,

Our overnight hotel is very grand.  The chandeliers in the ornate hotel rooms certainly add to the special atmosphere,

The beautiful setting for my “Welcome To Rome” dinner was perfect and the meal exceptional – peppered pasta, lemon chicken cutlets, perfectly cooked potatoes and melt in your mouth tiramisu,  The Italian wines were tasty too!

Sadly almost all of the local shops were closed by the time we finished our meal but the gelato stands are open and they are doing a brisk business this evening,  I just couldn’t resist a small pistachio – so good – so much better than what we find at home.

Its 1045pm so after this full day I’m off to bed!  I’m probably as zonked as my passengers.

We have enjoyed a terrific first day.  Tomorrow we will continue to tour around Rome before boarding a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship enroute to Greece.

Can’t wait!




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