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The World Passes By – It’s A Sea Day

My passengers enjoyed a very relaxing day at sea.  I was awake good and early – enjoyed the views from my stateroom balcony and then met a number of my passengers in the Tides dining room for a delicious breakfast.

We were all taking pictures during the very scenic transit of the Messina Strait (Sicily).  A pilot was brought on board to guide the “Jewel of the Seas” as this narrow passage is loaded with Ferry Boats.  I was wishing we could have docked in Sicily so we could have  ordered some Italian pizzas to go!  

The majority of my passengers gathered for lunch in the Ships Main Dining Room – Tides.  They sat us at a couple prime large tables with sea views.  I made a new friends when one of our waiters learned that I bring groups to Bali as its his home.  He has extended his work contract so he can perfecting time a very special Bali ceremony that takes place every 100 years.  Ceremonies are an important way of life in Bali.

I’m a fan of the massive salad bar that Royal Caribbean sets up in their main dining room during lunch.  You let the  chef know the items you wish in your salad and he puts them in a stainless bowl – he then chops all of your selected ingredients into smaller pieces and mixes in your dressing choice.  He then plates the salad in a bowl.  They also offer a luncheon pasta bar and there were a large variety of cupcakes to pick from for dessert.  A large selection menu was also available.

The outdoor decks were packed with sun worshipers – it was a spectacular weather day – 84F.  

We gathered late in the day for my hosted group cocktail party in a panoramic lounge with a spectacular view of the open decks.  Everyone arrived dressed up – looked terrific. My passengers enjoy mingling with one another so this was certainly a social event.  Its Grace’s 85th Birthday so my cocktail party turned into her birthday party.

Tomorrow we arrive in Santorini.  There will be FIVE cruise ships visiting this small island so I expect it will be a very lively spot!

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