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Athens – Chefs Dinner – Mykonos – WOW!

I just arrived on the Island of Mykonos, Greece.  I took the first tender from the ship.  Its just 8am so none of the stores are open yet.  It’s windy as usual on this island But that makes it comfortable for roaming around on a summer day.

This is my favourite Greece cruise port because its so authentic.  This morning around the harbour the local gentleman are sitting enjoying their strong coffee while overlooking the sea.  They will be getting together before the tourists appear.  I’m sure they have solved some of the World problems today.

The locals are so friendly here.  I have already chatted with a couple of them.  The tender boat assistant told me where his favourite Greek restaurant is located.  They all have their favourites – probably owned by friends.

Yesterday my group spent the afternoon touring Athens.  We we in awe with all the tourist sites.  There are 5 million people living in Athens. 

Mykonos is the exact opposite – few residence and a very peaceful atmosphere.

Some of you emailed me wondering  if we saw any of the damage caused by the recent fires near Athens.  We were a distance from that area so no.  The air quality is back to normal too.  They claim those fires that killed many were deliberately set – very sad.

I’m good friends with an older Greek man who lives in Toronto.  His World revolves around Greece.  In his book everything is the best in Greece.  I always get a kick out of him.  He is not unusual.  Greeks love their country.

I warned my passengers that they would get lost walking around Mykonos.  I’ve already got confused a few times and I’ve visited here many times.  The town is a maze of narrow passageways and  all look the same – white washed buildings are everywhere with blue and red accents.  First thing in the morning the ladies are busy washing everything  – streets, buildings, floors, clothes – this island sparkles because of them.  Miniature delivery trucks can get down the streets with just a couple inches to spare.  Tourists need to get out of the way as there is not room for both.

I did eventually arrive at the famous windmills.  Some of them are under repair but they are truly the symbol of Mykonos.  I have already walked into 8 churches – there are so many of them in the town core.  They are all tiny and unique.  Some would only hold a couple people.

As I was walking around I must have looked like I knew what I was doing because other travelers started following me hoping I would lead them around the right corner.

The fun thing about Mykonos is by walking through this maze you get to see how the locals live. 

This is a very special destination in my books.  I love it more every time I visit.

I came across the same bench that Mom and I sat on the last time the two of us were here.  If she was here it would have been a perfect day!

Typically when on a cruise I don’t dine in the ports of call but I had a craving for Greek food today.  A trustworthy shop owner (wife is from Barrie ON) told me to eat at Niko’s Taverna so I took his advise.  It doesn’t offer a sea view but its a very traditional Greek taverna which has been in business for over 50 years.  You can walk into the kitchen and see todays specials.

I started with a traditional Greek Salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, olives, green peppers with a thick slice of feta cheese and oregano on top).  The typical Greek Salad has no lettuce.  My waiter recommended one of the daily specials – direct from the oven – chicken stuffed with mykonos cheese accompanied by roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes.  The chicken was so tender and moist.  The vegetables – pepper, eggplant, carrots, potatoes etc were so hot I had to let them cool down a bit before eating them.  Very delicious.  I highly recommend you try this restaurant when you visit Mykonos.  Price wise its more reasonable than one on the water – with a large bottle of water my bill was around $36.00 Canadian.

Shopping – its a mixed bag on Mykonos – certainly some very expensive things – a store owner tried to sell me a 1600 Euro pair of running shoes….  I did find some well priced items too.

Soon it will be time for my 2nd group of passengers to enjoy the “Jewel of The Seas Chef Dinner”.  What an amazing experience we had last night – a welcome glass of champagne – 6 courses – 6 glasses of wine – a dessert martini – 3 hour culinary event.  I’m treated them all – with service fee tip etc it works out to around 100. USD – in comparison to what you would pay at home its certainly a fair price for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You should be here!

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