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En-Route to New York City

Day 2 -En-Route to New York City

Todays temperature reached 80F!

The breakfast buffet at the Scranton, PA Hilton is always a treat.  The chef who  cooked the made-to-order. omelettes was quite the character.  He certainly made everyone smile first thing in the morning.    He makes his omelette similar to a thin crepe.  There was certainly enough choices on the buffet to please everyone.

I ordered a to-go Starbucks Ice Tea for the road  – there is a Starbucks outlet in the lobby.

We departed on time and made a rest stop en-route to New York City.  There were major traffic delays getting into the city so we lost a bit of time but our knowledgeable young city guide from the Bronx did a great job showing us around – Central Park, Carnegie Hall, Times Square, the Textile District, the Village and SOHO.

We arrived 15 minutes late for our lunch at Katz’s Deli but kindly the manager kept our tables open.  It truly is an experience dining here and the food they serve is top quality – hot piled high deli sandwiches on rye – potato knishes, cole slaw, potato salad, the best steak fries, 2 types of dill pickles and of course melt-in-your-mouth NY Cheescake.  

If you were not part of a group you would need to get in a long line to order and get into another long line to pay.  When we arrived there was a large group of fireman picking up a take-out order.  This establishment is popular not just with tourists but locals too.

New York City is a very expensive city to visit and in-turn our family style lunch at Katz’s was very pricey but well worth it.  I’ve visited this city many times so I’ve dined at many famous New York restaurants but its Katz’s Deli that offers the most memorable culinary experience in my books.   When I think of New York City, Katz’s always comes to mind.  If you visit New York – you need to put it on your bucket list.

Like in many major cities its difficult for a restaurant to survive but Katz’s has been around since 1888.  Nine months ago the Opry in Nashville opened a restaurant in Times Square and it has already closed….  Its a tough grind in NYC.

There is much traffic congestion in this city so it takes a long time to travel a short distance but overall I found the drivers to be courteous and due to the possibility of getting a $300 fine if you honk-your-horn you don’t hear many horns unlike years ago.

You can easily spend many days exploring New York City and its different Burroughs so in our short time we just got a taste what the city is like.

There is no other city quite like it.

At the cruise pier I handed the porters a substantial tip and they took good care of our luggage.  I noticed that security checked my luggage.  I had a zip lock bag of toiletries and instead of them opening the zip they sliced open the bag….

We boarded the Zuiderdam in a matter of a few minutes – the check in process was seamless.  I was very impressed.

I attended a number of meetings with the on-board staff in order to finalize arrangements for my group.  I felt like I was bouncing all over the place but I accomplished a great deal in a short period of time.

There are many Australians sailing with us.  

My group has been assigned a prime area in the dining room for their dinners.  ITs on the upper level in a quiet area close to the vast windows The mainly Indonesian crew do a stellar job throughout the ship but they truly shine in the dining room.

Tonight’s dinner was excellent and I expect the quality will continue throughout our voyage. 

The 8pm evening sail away out of New York was just spectacular.  The city was lit up in all its glory.  Sailing past the Statue of Liberty always brings a tear to my eye.  

The Beatles show that featured Jesse Kazemek, in the main showroom was excellent (husband and wife duo) and I really enjoyed the high energy band in the BB Kings Lounge and the dueling Piano Players.

The beds in our staterooms are so comfy it didn’t take long to fall asleep.  

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