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Day 4 – BOSTON

Day 4 – Impressive – Boston, MA 

Today we visited the home of the movie, “Good Will Hunting” – BOSTON.  As we drove around the city we saw a number of film crews set up.  Boston’s “Cheers” Bar attracts hoards of tourists but it was just the last show of the tv series, “Cheers” that filmed in Boston.

Boston is basically the same size as Disney World and has a population of 750,000.  Education is a big industry here.  There are approx 350,000 students studying in Boston/Cambridge.  The pharmaceutical industry is prominent too – more pharmaceutical jobs in Boston that any other place in the World.

Boston sells more ice cream than any other US City.  It is mandatory that every meal served at Harvard University must include ice cream!

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for our city tour – balmy temperatures with sunny blue skies.

Our guide was a colourful one.  We learned a great deal from him.  His children have done well so he is proud and he has been married for 49 years.  He is a true sports fan and this is a sports city.

We headed into Cambridge so we could walk around Harvard.  The hardest thing about Harvard University is getting accepted as a student.  If you get in you pay a big tuition – 75G a year but it is pretty difficult to fail.  Students live close to the campus in  impressive student housing.  A tutor is included with each house  to help ensure students are going to be successful.  Ninety percent of Supreme Court Judges and eight Presidents graduated from Harvard.

There is a large Chinese and Italian district but as the cost of living in this city continually increases its pushing out the older immigrants who can no longer afford the high costs .  These areas in turn are losing their character.  Condos are being built in these areas so there goes the character.

The lady that was looking after the coach shuttles returning to the ship shared that she pays $1000.00 a month for a 200 sq ft apartment!

Unemployment in Boston is less than 1%.  Our guide told us that he doesn’t want Amazon to come to this city (its a major contender) because a bigger population will just raise the cost of living even more.

We drove past Boston’s, Parker House Hotel which has the title as the oldest hotel in the USA – known for its Parker Rolls and Boston Cream Pie.  The original Ritz Carlton hotel was located her.

Clam Chowder and Lobster Rolls are the local delicacies that the tourists want to try.  Neptune Oyster is one of the most famous Lobster Roll restaurants – served cold with mayonnaise or hot with melted butter – $32.00 each!

Boston is proud of its Irish heritage and hosts one to the World’s Largest St. Patrick Day parades.

Reebok running shoes headquarters is here. 

In Boston if a Trader Joe’s Food Store opens in your neighbourhood the value of your home will go up!

We finished our tour at Quincy Market – our guide told us that is the 2nd most visited “man made” attraction in the USA.

What really impressed all of us is how progressive this city is – the waterfront development, the underground transportation system, expansion of the convention centre in order to accommodate 100,000 delegates, they have cleaned up the salt water in the port and Boston is now regarded as the cleanest port in the USA – whales can be seen close to shore – we all commented on how clean the city is.

Boston will be a future, “Travel With Bradley” Motor Coach destination.  Many of my passengers that were with me today said they, “Can’t Wait To Return”.

A fantastic day!

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