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Day 7 – Sydney, Cape Breton – Thanksgiving Day

Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – Canadian Thanksgiving

What a marvelous day!

The sun shone and the sky was blue as we approached the World Largest “Playable Fiddle” which weighs 8 tons.  Yes it can be tuned and is in the Book of World Record.  If a giant arrives possibly it can actually be played.  Its an amazing tourist landmark.  Whoever thought of it deserves a medal.

We docked early this morning.  The Norwegian Dawn is also here but her passengers had to tender in as the dock in Sydney can only handle 1 cruise ship.

The locals warmly welcomed us.

The complex next to the pier was filled with artists selling their wares.  Its an impressive facility.

Up the street in the Catholic Church Hall, I met and bought from a couple young artists.  One guy who looked to be in his teens sold very inexpensive framed prints made with stamps.  

I chatted for a long while with the “Sticks and Stones” Artist.  He travels the World as he speaks a number of languages so its easy for him to find work during his travels.  I purchased from him a very unique iPhone charger that he made from local driftwood.  His framed artwork is made with Sticks and Stones.  If I had more luggage space I would have bought one of his pieces.  He doesn’t have a website but if you are interested in his art, the email is

Surprisingly since its Thanksgiving a number of downtown shops were open.  There are some really good quality shops in the downtown core including a shoe store that has been in business for over 50 years and an exceptional art gallery.

During my walk back to the ship along the wide boardwalk I chatted with a few locals who wanted to know where I was from and how I was enjoying the cruise.

A number of my group gathered for an afternoon “Nova Scotia Kitchen Party” which featured my brothers good friend, Aaron C. Lewis on the guitar, piano and vocals (very talented at all – his Dad was the founding member of the Carlton Show Band – Pig and Whistle TV Show), award winning fiddle and piano player Kimberly Fraser, and fiddle and guitar player, Lawrence Martel.  A young stepper entertained us too.

Their 90 minute performance flew by.  My passengers are all hoping that we’ll have them entertain at the Walters Theatre.  Some of them were up square dancing!

A wonderful day in a beautiful part of Canada.

Time to get ready for dinner – the chefs are preparing Turkey as one of the entrees in honor of Canadas Thanksgiving.  

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