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Day 10 – Saguenay, Quebec

We were late getting into the Saguenay, Quebec port because the winds were so strong.  Needed to use a tug to get us to the pier.

Even with the rain the journey earlier this morning through the fjord was a spectacular one.

Saguenay is an aboriginal words that means, “where the water flows out”.  This area has the most francophone residence in North America.  The population is 147,000.

The visitors centre next at the port featured local entertainers and craftsman.  Due to the weather the local market had to be cancelled.

I walked into this quaint Quebec town where I toured the beautiful Catholic Church and checked out some local shops but the weather continued to deteriorate.  When it started to hail and snow I headed back to the ship.  I was soaked!

The lido deck was packed at lunch as so many stayed on board due to the weather.  

We are lucky that we booked the “La Fabuleuse” theatre in advance for this afternoons activity.  This production has been running for 29 years and is a true spectacle with a cast of a “few hundred” actors who are all volunteers!   The 75 minute show depicted the creation and evolution of the Saguenay.  The production featured many special effects including fire, water, canon shots, fireworks and water cascades.  There were farm animals, MANY horses and vintage cars on stage too.  There are over 1000 costumes.  We were all very impressed!  Its as though Broadway has another home in  Saguenay!  If you are ever in the region I HIGHLY recommend you come to see this production.  The production is only in English when the cruise ships are here – the rest of the performances are done in French.

The weather remains unbelievable.  Imagine the worst wind in the middle of winter and it would be similar to what we experienced today.   Temperatures are below 0F.   The internet connection is very poor I imagine due to the storm – tried to upload some picture for this post with no luck.

We will be heading to Quebec City shortly if the Captain can get the cruise ship away from the pier!



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