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Day 2 – Onwards to Picturesque – Stowe, Vermont

It was a wintery crisp morning when we woke.

Breakfast and service was excellent.

We were met by a couple Montreal experts who showed us the sights of this city which is known for having the “largest Underground City in the World”.  Their tour highlighted some of the many “one-of-a-kind” Christmas displays around town.

Todays luncheon was at an excellent Steakhouse in Old Town – owned by an immigrant family from Greece who arrived in Canada many years ago with very little but after a great deal of hard work, now own many restaurants and even a few top hotels in the city.  My passengers had a choice of 3 entrees but most picked the steak with Montreal “frites”.  Many restaurant critics rate their steakhouse as one of the top ones in town, some say its the very best.


After lunch it wasn’t too long of a drive before we crossed into scenic Vermont.  Border procedures were very simple.  In fact we didn’t have to get off the coach.  The very friendly customs official collected our passports and scanned them in the customs building.  She then passed them back to me to distribute to my passengers.

The Mountain View’s on our way to Stowe were just spectacular.


Stowe looks like a Christmas postcard.  There is plenty of snow here – a few feet of the white stuff is on the ground,  but the roads are perfectly clear.

Our home for 2 nights is the famous Trapp Family Lodge.

After our arrival we gathered in a meeting space for a historical tour of the Trapp family who we all know thanks to the movie, “The Sound of Music”.

As an added surprise I arranged for Sam Von Trapp, Grandson of Maria to chat with my group and answer their questions.  He is going to return tomorrow for a private book signing.


The Trapp Family Lodge is a bit of a maze to get around but everyone is getting their bearings.  My group has basically filled the rooms in this small, very homey resort.  The rooms are fitting with Stowe’s mountainous terrain.  Its the sweeping views that are most impressive due to the higher elevation location of the lodge.


Some of my passengers are making themselves right at home – wearing their slippers as they walk around.918C29A2-60E4-4B4F-B633-CBFCC7721CC8.jpeg


Dinner was off-sight at the Trapp Family brewery.  This is a very large operation.  My group is the largest that they have ever had dine with them.  Their chef is top notch as the cuisine was exceptional – so much variety and everything was delicious.  Some of my passengers were after recipes – they even make their own mustards.

The lodge is filled with many “private” areas where you can gather with family and friends to chat or play board games so many of my passengers took advantage of this last nights before retiring for the evening,


The weather has been gloomy here for a couple weeks so the locals are happy to see todays blue sky.  I teased the locals telling them that we brought Canadian sunshine with us!




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