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Where Did the Year Go? New Years Mystery Tour is Back Again!

I have been running New Years Mystery Journeys for a number of years.  Many of the passengers are yearly regulars.  They are like a little family.

We enjoyed a bountiful turkey dinner in Woodstock, ON the evening before travel and were the road after breakfast at 7am yesterday morning.

This journey sold out a number of months ago so the coach is full.

When we finally were to the point of getting cleared at the  border it was a very easy procedure but we were delayed over an hour getting to that point.  There was a very long delay getting to the initial custom booth – not sure why – possibly a shift change?  A full line-run coach was just a couple minutes ahead of us and since 1 coach is looked after at a time they were first.  Unlike a charter when you travel on a line-run they really check passengers over and luggage has to be taken off the coach.  That ate up a chunk of time while we waiting for them.  In a few minutes we were done and the custom agents were very friendly but the waiting put us behind an hour and we were unable to make that up during our travels.

I treated everyone with a taste of Canada (Tim Horton donuts) at our New York State break stop.  Even though we were a hour late arriving for lunch we still sat down at a very decent time 12:15pm.  The Corning Glass Museum in Corning, NY always treats my groups extremely well.  We ended up with prime private seating in their beautiful auditorium.  The 3 courses they served were excellent.  Everyone enjoyed the beef medallions and I heard rave reviews about the pumpkin/raspberry torte (a combination you would not think of).


Our next rest break was a Walmart stop – so convenient when traveling through rural towns as they always have ample, clean facilities.  

Our 1 hour border delay mean’t we lost the hour we would have had at the hotel before dinner so I asked my regular Motor Driver, Paul to take us directly to dinner in the town of Bird n Hand.  The buffet was as excellent as always, featuring a large variety of homemade Amish specialities.  This restaurant is well known for their speciality – ham balls.  The many dining rooms were packed.

Paul and I headed to our hotel in the town of, “Intercourse” PA to drop our passengers luggage.  This beautiful hotel came highly recommended by Dolly Fowler who brings her Amish Musical Productions to the Walters Theatre.

As soon as I stepped into the hotel lobby I was impressed.  The hotel has a very homey feel, unlike most corporate run hotels.  Its the little details that makes this property so much better.  The staff is obviously hand picked – they are overly friendly and so professional.  Most important the hotel is spotless clean.

After dinner we entered a theatre to see the heartwarming Musical Production of, “A Christmas to Remember”.   Everyone loved the show – one passengers told me it should be on broadway.  This production was an earlier 7pm start so we were on back on the coach at 8:30pm.  Our hotel is conveniently just a couple minutes away so after a travel day everyone appreciated the early night.


A wonderful first day of traveling with a wonderful group of passengers!

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