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Day 2 – Didn’t need a Wake-Up Call this morning!

Yesterday morning in Intercourse, PA just after 6am a siren drowned out the sound of horses hooves hitting the payment as they pulled the Amish buggies.  I didn’t know what the siren was indicating.  My first thought was a tornado so I called the front desk at our hotel and the reception host giggled when I mentioned tornado – it was the siren for the volunteer fire department.  My passengers are VERY sound sleepers because only a handful of us heard the deafening noise.

We enjoyed a wonderful day!  The weather was beautiful – so mild and sunny.  I didn’t wear my coat most of the day.

Dolly Fowler who brings her Amish shows to the Walters Theatre was our terrific guide in the morning as we traveled to Hershey, PA.  She shared with us the amazing life story of Milton Hershey – a man way ahead of his time.  He built an empire while giving back so much to the community.  The town of Hershey is beautiful.

We spent some time at Chocolate World.  Their “Disney style” ride is a fun attraction and you learn all about the making of Chocolate while on it.  I purchased my passengers a “special edition” oversize bar of milk chocolate imprinted with “Happy Holidays”.  It ended up being an ordeal for the staff to get cases of them from the warehouse but my passengers were very happy to receive them.

Our luncheon was an elegant affair in the “Circular Dining Room” at Hotel Hershey.  This was an extremely pricey event to include but I felt it was perfect for a New Years Journey.  We relaxed while we enjoyed the culinary feast.  The seafood selections were so fresh and my goodness, the desserts were luscious. There was even a bit of time often brunch to gander in the beautiful shops at this very upmarket historic hotel.


We then traveled to Lancaster, PA.  Our destination was the American Music Theatre.  We enjoyed prime front seats for “The First Noel”, their massive in-house produced Musical show.  I don’t believe you can find a more elaborate Christmas production than this one anywhere in North America.  The staging, costumes, lighting, choreography – just everything is beyond exceptional.  You leave the theatre going WOW that really was an amazing event.  I’d like to start bringing groups every year to see this thrilling show that changes yearly.


We arrived at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre just as they opened their hearty dinner buffet.  Once again our seats were prime for the their production of “The Christmas Carol”.  As one of my passengers said all 3 shows that we have seen so far on this journey have each been “outstanding” in their own way.  The production of “The Christmas Carol” was so impressive.  It was amazing how many actors they fit on their smaller stage.  


We were back at the hotel just after 9am so many gathered in the comfortable lobby, sipped on wine and reminisced about our excellent day!

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