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Going Topless on New Years Day in Amish Country!

Going Topless on New Years Day!

Its feels and looks like a Spring morning in Lancaster County, PA.  The temp is so mild, you definitely do not need to wear a coat.  The sun is beaming,  The grass is green.  Some hotel guests are outside bouncing a basketball.

From Intercourse, PA to the main highway its around a 8 minute drive and during that short time we counted 17 Amish buggies on the road including 2 courting open air buggies.  The young couples sitting on the Courting Buggies looked so proud.  The young men obviously were trying to impress their dates by picking them up with their open air, “courting” buggies on New Years Day and of course the weather was ideal for their journey.

What a fun “New Years Eve Day and Night” we experienced in Lancaster County.

Our day started with a beautiful sunrise.


Dolly met us once again – this time to tour us around the Amish countryside and of course we could not have asked for a better expert – Dolly is just amazing.  The musicals she writes about the Amish are exceptional and my family looks forward to having Dolly and her cast of actors back at our Walters Theatre this summer.

We a number of unique stops as we traveled through this beautiful countryside  – Amish Bakery, Amish Craft Shop, Amish Hardware Store.  Many Amish farmers were busy working in the fields.


Most importantly and a tour highlight was a luncheon in the Miller’s Amish home.  Ruth Miller prepared us a delicious meal – salad with homemade dressing, boneless chicken (slow cooked for 3 hours so its very tender), beef that my passengers said was delicious, fluffy mashed potatoes that obviously had been whipped for a long time, homemade thin noodles, green beans from her garden, homemade warm bread with Amish peanut butter spread, strawberry jam, pickled beets and finally a very satisfying apple crumble with ice cream.   I loved the look of the old barn on their property.




After our leisurely Amish luncheon we arrived back in Intercourse at 2:45pm so there was finally time to enjoy this quaint town.

We gathered a bit later for our New Years Eve event – an upscale dinner followed by a very entertaining Beatles Tribute Show from Atlanta, Georgia.  These entertainers played the parts really well.  My passengers really enjoyed their performance and were singing along to the many Beatles hit songs.  A dance band, then took the stage and soon a lively countdown brought us into 2019 with a live feed from Times Square in New York City.  Champagne was served and there was more than enough hugs and kisses to go around.  The theatre was packed so you could feel the excitement in the air.



When we arrived back at the hotel, the staff put out platters of cheese and sausage for us to enjoy before we turned in.


In this part of Pennsylvania, New Years Day dinner for most of the locals, primarily consists of pork with sauerkraut.  This is considered a “good luck” meal to start the New Year.

We certainly enjoyed an exceptional start to the New Year!  

What a fun journey this has been.

Today’s New Years Day Massive Luncheon Buffet will be an earlier 11am one at Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, PA.  I have brought many groups here over the years.  Its a wonderful spot.

We’ll then continue North to Canada.  Its a fairly long drive so we won’t return until early this evening.

Thanks to my amazing passengers.  Most of them booked this journey many months ago.  I could not have asked for a better group of friends to share New Years with.  Thanks again to our Motor Coach driver, Paul.  My upcoming winter travels take me and my groups to International destinations so I’ll miss not working with him until the Spring.

Happy New Year from all of us to you!


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