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St. Croix – US Virgin Islands – 83F – beautiful!

Throughout the night it was a very smooth sail and quiet as can be.  Most of my passengers reported an excellent rest.

A number enjoyed breakfast in the dining room instead of the lido buffet this morning.  It’s definitely a much more relaxing experience.

Another beautiful day greeted us – temperatures are in the low 80’s and the sun is beaming.

Today we are visiting St Croix, U.S Virgin Islands.  This is the largest of the U.S Virgin Islands and the most eastern island that is part of the USA.  This quaint, picturesque place is brimming with history and beauty.  Located just 19 miles south of much more known, St. Thomas the lifestyle here is much more relaxed.

Sadly this island has been battered by a number of hurricanes.  Hugo was the worst as it devastated 90% of the island during a 13 hour hit.  New homes are now built using a cement roof which our driver claimed will save a house during a hurricane?  

When Venezuela and the US were feuding a number of years ago Venezuela pulled their oil from this US refinery in St Croix putting thousands out of work – the island never recovered and you still see the aftermath – closed stores, businesses and schools.


There is little work.  Our tour driver works once a week during the winter season when a cruise ship is in dock.  His wife does not work.  I just have to wonder – how can they survive?

The island is clean, very hilly and the ocean surrounding it is a stunning shade of blue.  

With so many Canadians onboard it almost feels like we are at home.  Yesterday a farmer from Shakespeare, ON stopped me as his family is a regular at our dinner theatre.  We had a great chat.

I met a fascinating couple that made my list of countries visited look like a beginner.  They retired, sold their house in Castlerock, CO and travel full-time.  Its like reading a travelogue when chatting with them.  This years Travel With Bradley “International Mystery Tour” destination is one of their top 2 favourite worldwide destinations.  I was excited to hear that.

I’m continually hearing horror stories about those being caught up in the winter storm that hit our part of the world of a couple days ago.  Some that were stranded finally made it to St. Croix but with no luggage.  I met an elderly couple that were so flustered when they arrived I helped get them to their stateroom.  They slept on the floor at Toronto Pearson,  finally arrived in St. Croix very late last night, ended up in a crappy hotel feeling helpless.  Flying out the day of a cruise this time of year is a very risky proposition.  Staying in San Juan like my group did may be costly but everyone could relax, enjoy a nice dinner and have a good rest knowing the following morning the ship would only be minutes away.  

Dinner was exceptionally good in the dining room as it was optional dress formal night.  

My passengers reported wonderful experiences in St. Croix – especially those that booked my recommended Captain Morgan rum tour.

This evenings production show in the main theatre was enjoyed by all.

Waves were 3ft during our evening sail so we didn’t feel any movement as we sailed towards St. Maarten.

Pictures may need to wait til the end of the cruise when I have strong wi-fi.

I have been able to post pictures on Facebook under Travel With Bradley.

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