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Grenada – The Spice Isle

Grenada is known as the Spice Isle.

A couple of my passengers were anxious to visit the “Nutmeg Bar” in the port town of St. George  – it was their hangout when they were last on the island 40 years ago.  To get there they needed to walk through the Sendall Tunnel – opened in the year 1894 by the British – the tunnel is approx 350 feet long and 9 feet high – it connects the east and west side of town – both vehicles and pedestrians pass through at the same time….. A number of us walked through but a couple of my passengers said “No Way”.  My passengers reported that the “Nutmeg Bar” was pretty much the same as years ago – good things don’t need to change.

In the little town of St. George, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is the major fast food chain with 2 locations.  Pizza Hut can also be found here.

The local market vendors sold fresh produce/fruit, no-name fragrances and 2nd hand clothing.  A loud evangelist was saving everyone as he passed through the market and his 2 helpers carried a bucket for donations.  It was interesting watching them make their rounds.  The town of St. George’s, Grenada is a colourful place.

A young gentleman on board from Brazil who provides me and my group with a bottle of water before we head to shore everyday was excited because the local smoothie cafe in the mall adjacent to the cruise dock makes “avocado” smoothies.  At home in Brazil he drinks an avocado smoothie every morning so he was very anxious to purchase one today.  

I stopped at the smoothie stand so I could buy him one but they had no avocados today….  I came back to the ship and reported the news – he was so disappointed but I gave him some cash so he could buy another flavour as a treat from me and my appreciative passengers.  This stand is the busiest shop in the mall – locals and especially staff from the Summit were in line to purchase.

Many of my passengers had orders from their friends and family to bring home the local island spices.  There were many opportunities to purchase spices

without going far.  The souvenir shops in the mall charge very inflated prices for low quality products but you can buy the local spices quite reasonably.

The farther you walk down Main Street the more reasonable the local 3 hour island tours become – they start out at 25.00 per person at the cruise terminal and 15.00 was the bargain rate down the street.

The weather was one again perfect today – low 80’s, blue skies.

This evening the friendly staff at the speciality restaurant, Qsine hosted our group.  I provided our passengers with $100.00 cruise credit so they could take advantage of the speciality restaurants on board.  This restaurant has a $45. Cover Charge but since my group is so large I was able to negotiate a $30. Cover Charge for everyone.  The speciality restaurants on board are worth a $30. Cover Charge but I’d have a hard time recommending them if my passengers had to pay $45. when the food in the main dining room is excellent.

I invited Canada’s Illusionist Ryan Joyce to join us for dinner as my special guest.  My passengers appreciated having this extra time to visit with him.  Some called his arrival a “Bradley Walters Surprise”.  They teased that I needed to keep track of my watch or Ryan was bound to steal it (like he does during his shows).

Ryan and I are kindred spirits.  Our life experiences mirror one another.  We are entertainers that spend extended periods away from home, family and friends so we easily relate to one another.

Having Ryan on board was a thrill for not only me but my passengers.  We were all proud to watch an terrific Canadian entertainer on stage.  Have a safe journey home, Ryan.  Look forward to visiting with you again sometime soon.  Break a leg!

The Qsine dinner was exceptional.  The chef and staff really went out of their way to make it a very memorable evening.  Qsine offers an around the world, culinary experience – there was way too much food but nobody was complaining except to say they were VERY full.  I sat down with the Qsine maitre d’ ahead of time to select a menu for my passengers which they served family style.  

Surprisingly the maitre d at Tuscan Grill (the other onboard speciality restaurant) wasn’t too excited about welcoming our group when I approached him at the start of this cruise but the staff from Qsine certainly well exceeded my and my passengers expectations.  The Qsine restaurant experience is unlike anything you will find at home so that makes it extra special.

An entertaining juggler took to the stage this evening.

Seas remained smooth throughout the evening sail to Barbados.  

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    I love when we try out the specialty restaurants. It’s a truly different atmosphere there

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