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St. Lucia – Paradise of the Caribbean

St. Lucia is a very ruggedly beautiful Caribbean island – definitely lushly tropical – its what you’d think a tropical Caribbean island should look like.  There are a number of exclusive resorts located here and many of my passengers have spent time here over the years (one couple celebrated their honeymoon on this island).  

St. Lucia is the second largest of the Lesser Antilles Windward Islands. It has been blessed with a magnificent shoreline.  The island offers forested mountains, gentle valleys, banana plantations, wide beaches, tree ferns and wild orchids.

A smaller Viking cruise ship is sharing the port with us today.  A ship larger than the Summit probably would not be able to navigate this port as the harbour is quite small.  

In the gated port area there are a number of shops just for cruise passengers.

A number of my passengers explored the island.  Its most famous natural landmark is the Pitons (twin mountains) but its a bit of an adventure if you wish to see them.  The drive from the cruise port is long and the roads windy.  A few took a boat to the Piton side of the island and they encountered a section of rough seas, so as I said its an adventure when you want to see the Pitons but once you reach them its well worth the effort.

I received a wonderful comment from the Dining Room maitre d’.  He commented how  happy and friendly my passengers are.  He thought they all knew one another so when he was told that they did not meet until they arrived at Toronto airport he was very surprised.  He told me they of course have many groups sail with them and he wishes they were as “happy go lucky” as my group.   Since my passengers are so friendly he said their servers are at ease and look forward to serving them.  He also likes how my passengers wear their Travel With Bradley name tags as it makes it easier for the waiters to learn their names.

I took a front row seat in the theatre for my good friend, Ryan Joyce illusion show.  Over the years Ryan has impressed audiences with his modern, mind-blowing feats of magic which include vanishing a fire truck and levitation of a two ton SUV on stage.  Most importantly he has devoted himself to humanitarian causes by raising over two million dollars for charities.  

He dazzled my passengers who are still saying “how did he do that”?   I sat next to 2 gentleman from Germany during Ryans performance.  Since their English isn’t great they avoid some of the ship shows where lots of English is spoken (like the comedian) so they were thrilled with Ryans show as every nationality can appreciate it.  

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  1. Judy

    I’d love to see him perform sometime
    Also your passengers are friendly because everyone is treated like family on your trips. It makes for a fun filled trip when everyone is happy

    February 3, 2019 at 2:51 pm

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