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Barbados of the West Indies


Barbados is the easternmost island of the West Indies.  It combines beautiful beaches with a British charm.  The west coast of the island is lined with over 10 miles of perfect white-sand beaches and crystal clear water.  This pear shaped island is relatively small – only 166 square miles.

Bridgetown is the capital city.  Its architecture is a combination of Modern and Victorian.  I knew that the shops on Broad Street would be closed because its Sunday so made sure my passenger were aware of that.  Later in the day I ran into a number of ship passengers that went into Bridgetown in order to shop so they were disappointed that this information had not been relayed to them.  The downtown core of Bridgetown resembles a ghost town on Sundays.  Passengers were surprised that shops are closed especially when there are a couple ships in port but I expect its a law that prohibits them from opening.

Many of my gang visited Barbados beautiful local beaches today.  A couple of my passengers took scuba diving lessons and loved the experience.   The rest explored the islands on tours.

In Barbados shuttles are provided from the ship to the terminal building.  In the terminal there is a tourist kiosk, some shops and complimentary WI-FI if you are lucky enough to get connected.

With us in port was the former, Celebrity Infinity which I sailed on with groups a number of times a “few” decades ago.  Back then it was considered a state-of-the-art “large” cruise ship.  An European company renamed her the Marbella Explorer.  I  easily recognize this ship and her sister the Horizon (still has that name but not under the Celebrity flag).

I thought the ship staff did a bumper job, co-ordinated a number of excellent “Super Bowl” Parties throughout the ship.  The biggest event was held in the main theatre which was elaborately decorated for the big event.  A variety of game day appetizers were served – sliders, chicken wings, hot dogs etc..  The smaller lounges became the entertainment venues for the evening so there was plenty to do for those that were not interested in watching the game.  The international broadcast feed unfortunately did not show the game commercials.  

One of my favourite places on board to spend time on the Summit is “Cafe al Bacio”.  I visit so often the staff automatically prepares my “chai tea latte with unsweetened almond milk” as soon as they see me coming.  Its a relaxing venue and our groups included beverage package includes the speciality coffee and teas that are prepared here.


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    Great pictures once again. I always love when the beverage package is included Thanks for posting about this trip

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