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French Martinique and Independent Dominica

Martinique and Dominica – 

Yesterday we visited French Martinique, which is renowned for the beauty of its beaches and vegetation.  At 425 square miles it is roughly the size of Maui and is similar due to its mountainous terrain, banana plantations, pineapple fields and sugar cane.  The French have retained this island so you can readily find products from France in many of the shops.  The town of Fort De France is very attractive.  We couldn’t help but to notice the prime located McDonalds but Kentucky Fried Chicken remains the fast food giant on these islands.


This morning before venturing into Dominica many of my group enjoyed a private 1 hour tour of the galley.  Konstantinos Vogiatzoglou, the 31 year old Executive Chef onboard the Celebrity Summit truly entertained us.  He is by far the youngest executive chef in the fleet and he has a 97% approval rate from his staff – VERY impressive!  We were served champagne as we entered the dining room.  He assembled the head chefs from every department to meet us before taking us through the galley.  There are 236 staff in the galley and they prepare 14,000 meals a day!


Dominica is situated between the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.  Its bordered on the east by the vast and beautiful Atlantic Ocean and on the West by the calm and romantic Caribbean.  Dominica gained its independence in November 1978.  Its rugged terrain, volcanic activity, pristine coral reef and untouched rainforests make it an attractive island to tour.  Vendors set up their wares along the pier.  One of them was singing country music with a drawl!  



Another picture perfect day.

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  1. Judy

    What a great thing to have such an extensive and in depth tour. Your passengers are very lucky. More great pictures Thanks for posting

    February 6, 2019 at 2:40 pm

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