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Jam Packed Day Visiting BOTH Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas



Our local host, Alice kept us moving today but we are not complaining.  We really enjoyed EVERYTHING we experienced.

Breakfast at our boutique hotel was terrific – such a big variety on their buffet.

We toured around the downtown core of Dallas.  Surprisingly there is little retail except for Neiman Marcus, but they have done an incredible job of re-purposing their beautiful historic buildings.   Its a very impressive downtown core.  We also drove through the posh neighborhood of Turtle Creek where mansions lined the streets.  We were surprised to see the garbage collectors return the the residence garbage pails back to their homes after they empty them.  Wish we had the service at home!


The downtown Baptist Church has 15000 members – Dallas is located in the Bible Belt.


We were glued to the displays at the “Sixth Floor Museum” – a major Dallas attraction.


Alice knows how I search out great restaurants for my passengers to dine in, so she went to work to try to get us into the Petroleum Club – the MOST prestigious private members club in the city.  It use to be men only.  I don’t know how she managed to get us a reservation but I’m SO glad that she did because our experience was phenomenal – elegant surroundings, stunning views, seafood galore, luscious desserts, one-of-a-kind washrooms and most impressive was the attentive service.  The friendly staff refused to let us carry our dinner plates to our table after we visited the exceptional quality buffet.  After we drank a “slip” out of our water or ice tea filled glass it was topped up.  We felt very regal dining in this prestigious place.  We commented that we were glad we were not wearing our summer shorts and t-shirts!  We could have been because todays temperatures soared around 80F.

I’m not a sports fan so I even surprised myself when I loved the VIP tour experience at the AT&T Stadium – the home of the Dallas Cowboys!  Alice, managed to get us a “Private” behind-the-scenes tour – it was exceptional!

We continued another 45 minutes to Ft. Worth were we attended the famous Cattle Drive at the Ft. Worth Stock Yards – so much fun!

Another memorable experience was when we visited, “Billy Bob’s” – the worlds largest Honky Tonk – accommodating 6000!  Country Singer, Blake Shelton’s cemented hand prints are covered in lipstick kisses!

Unlike downtown Dallas, Ft. Worth has a large retail area.

We made a stop at the impressive Water Gardens.

Dinner followed at one of the finest restaurants in Ft. Worth – it was another upscale choice – we were seated in a private room and the cuisine was delicious – I enjoyed a salmon filet topped with a mild pepper cream sauce (the sauce was so delicious I asked for more) – pecan pie was the favourite dessert choice.  Alice and my passengers surprised me when they celebrated my birthday – MONTHS early!

What a FANTASTIC day!  Tomorrow we sadly say farewell to Dallas – we are off to San Antonio.

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