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Exploring Cusco, Peru

Today we explored more of the Cusco, Peru area.


We really enjoyed our time at the San Pedro Market.  What a colorful place.  This indoor market is open 7 days a week and attracts more locals than tourists.  It is extremely clean and well organized.  The locals enjoy drinking fresh juice for breakfast so there had to be at least 50 ladies preparing fruit for the fresh juice you can purchase.  Meats are not refrigerated (not even the guinea pigs)!  There are rows of homemade cheese to choose from, flowers, handicrafts, many varieties of potatoes and the big kernel corn on the cob (I find it tasteless).

We were amazed as we roamed around Inca sacred sites.  Some of those stones weigh over 10 tones.  They used rocks to cut rocks and the edges are perfect.

Peru is a beautiful place – this dog was admiring the scenery just like us!


We were well entertained during lunch.  When a big group of tourists invades a restaurant the local entertainers show up in hope they’ll sell some CD’s.  I leave them a donation on behalf of my passengers.  We enjoyed traditional potato soup, fresh local trout – many of my passengers thought it was salmon and tropical fruit for dessert.


We are soon heading out for dinner – I keep telling my passengers that I selected a gourmet guinea pig dinner!  Its the local delicacy but I think we’ll skip the opportunity!


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