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Glitzy HVAR Island, Croatia

From the cosmopolitan city of Split, the very scenic sailing to Glitzy HVAR Island takes 2 hours.  We once again had an exceptional weather day so the sea was like glass.  Prime seats on the open sunny deck of the ferry filled quickly.    The Captain sailed passed many picturesque islands but our destination was at the most famous one, Hvar.

Hvar attracts 20,000 visitors a day in high season – the small but picturesque main town is packed during that time.  In high season I would recommend that you consider visiting a less popular island but this time of year is ideal to visit HVAR.  We didn’t have any crowds at to contend with – we enjoyed the beauty, roamed the streets and traveled by coach throughout the island without any crowds or traffic – how lucky for us!

There was a World Swim/Run race going on and my passengers were some of the few cheering on the competitors from around the world.

Lavender grows wild all over the island and asparagus season is in full swing already.

Since this island attracts many celebrities and well-to-do tourists from all over the world, the very few hotels charge a major premium and the upscale boutique stores are pricey places to shop in – but its great fun to browse!

Lunch was in a beautiful little Hvar island town.   A passionate chef started preparing our main course 2 days ago – beef marinated in a homemade plum sauce – so tender and tasty.  Dessert was chocolate lavender cake in honor of the islands lavender.  After lunch we visited a well regarded winery for a tasting.  The owner is world renowned and I was impressed that he arrived to met us.  The wine cellar tasting room was lined with stone and is one of the most unique ones I’ve ever visited.

Dinner was back in Split at a fine dining restaurant.  We filled the place.  Jazz musicians were hired to play background music for this special occasion.  The husband and wife chefs only cooks with the freshest ingredients.  If they can’t freshly source what they need the restaurant is closed.  This was truly a culinary evening.  Everything was hand made including the black ink risotto and fresh pasta.   When locals go out to eat they don’t rush because freshly prepared food takes time to prepare.   We are too use to rushing when we dine and don’t savor our food or time  with family, friends and neighbors.  Tonight’s main course was a white fish from the shark family – a first for all of us – yes, it tasted like chicken!

It was a long day but an exceptional one!  Looking forward to what tomorrow has in store.  Croatia is such an exceptional destination.

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