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Split, Croatia and Beyond….

Split, Croatia is an amazing city.

We were so fortunate to have it to ourselves this morning.  Typically its very busy so I guess we timed it just right.


Highlights included having private time “just for my passengers” in the Oldest and Smallest Cathedral in the world.  


We were also honored with a private morning concert by five talented gentleman  – their harmonies were heavenly.


We explored some of the traditional Split coffee houses.  –  expect to spend $8. a cup so no more complaining about Starbucks prices at home. 


Our luncheon was at a wonderful attraction, run by a family who had moved to Germany during a turbulent time in Croatia’s history but have now returned.  Anna, one of the owners told us many interested facts about the Croatians (she could be an actress), She  toured us through a historic home and afterwards we enjoyed a delicious meal featuring local specialties – accompanied by local cherry brandy and wines.  This hard working family reminded me of the hard working family at the “Walters Theatre”!  They welcome over 40,000 visitors to their attraction every year.  

We stopped at a charming non-tourist town called, Sibenek.  Rumor has it that actor Brad Pitt was looking at properties for sale in this area,  Surprisingly there was only one small shop open – its Sunday,  The young owner invited me in as I passed by,   I ended up buying lavender and truffles from him so I think he was happy – he put a beer in my bag as a gift.  We all enjoyed our stroll down the towns narrow streets – filled with character.

The resort where we are staying this evening is very impressive!  The staff warmly welcomed us with beverages as we entered the vast lobby.  Our rooms feature pool and sea views.  The private beach is beautiful and is guarded with a pirate ship!  Dinner was in the dining room.  Another terrific day in Croatia –  Some of my passengers are asking when I am returning because they have already decided that they want to return!

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