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Copenhagen, Denmark – very expensive to visit but so worth it!

After a very busy sold-out season at the Walters Theatre, I’m back out on the road with another one of my tour groups. Last night it took almost 8 hours for us to fly from Toronto to Copenhagen, Denmark. The Air Canada flight was at capacity. In fact they were offering a $1200.00 incentive to give up your seat! Service was good on board and the skies were very smooth.

Our Copenhagen local guide (another Brad) and coach driver (Lars) are true professionals. We enjoyed beautiful sights and learned plenty.

Copenhagen is just 15km (via bridge) to Sweden – 50,000 Swedes commute back and forth every morning to work in Copenhagen.

Most locals speak 3-4 languages.

Copenhagen is the 2nd most expensive city in the world. Their economy is booming. Income tax runs between 37 – 62%. Sales tax is 25%. If one pays 50,000 for a car in Canada, chances are that same car will cost $150.000 in Denmark. The average wage is $8000 a month. Students not only receive free university education – they are paid a $1000 a month while in school.

Denmark is primarily a flat country. Oil production is the number 1 industry followed by container shipping, agriculture (produce more than they use) and pharmaceuticals.

In Copenhagen a very average 1000 sq ft apartment will set one back over 1 Million dollars.

Sixteen is the legal drinking age.

The local incinerator has been converted to produce heat for every home in the city.

Prostitution is legal, a receipt is provided and a local Dr may prescribe a visit!

Homes are colourful as years ago they were not numbered so to identify your home you would state its bright colour and what street it was located on.

Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park, the Royal Palace and the Little Mermaid statue are a few of Copenhagens attractions that attract world-wide visitors.

We enjoyed 2 scrumptious meals today. Our “Welcome to Copenhagen” luncheon buffet was held in a posh building that Nazi officers lived in during WWII. Many said the beef at tonights dinner was the best they ever tasted – accompanied by 3 types of corn – soufflé, pickled corn and popcorn – provided a wonderful presentation.

Most locals get around by riding bicycles – there are thousands of them. Tourists need to be careful when walking not to end up in a bike lane – they might just get run over. We met a young couple and their 7 week old baby – all of them were traveling on their 2 seater $3000 bicycle.

Our very deluxe accommodations are unique – so much character – I can’t get use to riding the “door” elevator which you need to open by hand to get in and out of.

After checking into our hotel and getting freshened up many of us walked down one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe.

I ended up at a designer sample sale. It was held on the 3rd floor of an historic building. It was packed with a few hundred shoppers. There were no change rooms – but no modesty was evident – many men dropped their pants in front of all in order to try on the designer pants and jeans!

My passengers are all delightful. This is a packed departure. The many regulars are making the new ones feel like they are already part of our travel family.

It was a typical fall weather day – an enjoyable temperature for seeing the sights.

Tomorrow we board the NCL Getaway for an exciting Baltic Cruise – the departure has been sold out for almost a year – everyone is SO excited. I don’t know what internet access will be like on board ship but I’ll do my best to post blog updates when I can.

Below are some of the MANY photos I took today. Hope you enjoy.

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