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Easter Greetings from Bradley

It’s not often that I am home for Easter because this is typically travel time.

I very much look forward to daily video chats with my family but I really miss my jaunts with Mom.

As we celebrate “separately” there’s Easter joy in every corner of the world.

I put some of my favourite Easter Eggs on display from Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria.  Every time I look at them they bring back wonderful travel memories.

I laughed after watching a video message from Taras (the finest guide in Ukraine).  He was in the Carpathian Mountains on his wife’s Grandmothers farm.  He was busy planting potatoes – shovel in hand.   The rolling hill scenery was stunning.  His Easter message was very down to earth – he basically said in Ukraine during this time of isolation, you just can’t cancel the “planting of the potatoe”.

Some of you have emailed letting me know that while at home, you have been enjoying looking through your travel pictures.

I continue to reach out and am hearing from travel friends near and far.  These are difficult times for “everyone”.

It’s hard to grasp how much our world has changed over the past month.

As travellers it is challenging staying at home, distancing and pausing travel plans.

While I might not be seeing you for the time being, I think of you often,  I’m therefore doing my best to post daily on Facebook (Bradley Walters and Travel With Bradley) and I’ll continue to write some blogs.

I’m busy as always creating many new, amazing travel itineraries so I look forward to the day that we can start exploring the world once again.

Happy Easter!

Stay safe and be well,



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