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When we beat COVID how do we want to the world to be?

When we beat COVID how do we want the world to be?

Yesterday was the first time in 9 years that astronauts departed from U.S. soil. Space tourism will eventually become a reality. How exciting especially for todays younger generation. Many of them are now inspired and some will possibly have the opportunity to travel to space.

Isn’t it wonderful hearing a good news story. I think we can all agree that there aren’t enough of them right now.

It’s Sunday morning and I am currently sitting on my front porch soaking in the sun as I write this blog post. I’m thankful for this beautiful day. I’ve lived in my current home for a number of years but today is one of the few times I’ve sat out on that porch. I typically listen to the morning news when I get up and then there is always work to be done but today I decided I needed a break from those unbelievable news headlines.

I was disappointed in myself a few days ago. I was expecting a couple parcels. When they didn’t arrive as scheduled I was frustrated. The day after – still no parcels. The day after that – I wondered if they will ever arrive. I sat on the phone for hours trying to find out the status.

That same day I received an email and although I recognized the senders name, it took me a few minutes to place who that person was. I’ve met hundreds of people from all over the world but its impossible to keep in touch with everyone. The young gentleman that wrote me is the Taxi driver I hired many years ago in order to show me around his beautiful country named, Bali. This was the second time he has written. The first time was the day before his wedding. He was so excited and wanted to share the news. This time it was a – “How Are You” – during these times letter. How wonderful that someone who barely speaks English, from a land far away took the time to “share a little kindness”.

I emailed the shipping supervisor who was trying to locate my parcels and apologized. I came to my senses and realized those parcels can wait. There is a pandemic going on and most workers and businesses are just “trying to do their best”.

That young guy from Bali made me realize I can do better. I have started going through travel files in order to find emails/addresses. I now devote some time everyday sending “how are you” messages to tour companies, Coach companies, tour guides, hoteliers, theatre owners/entertainers, restaurant owners and more from all over the world.

I know so many who are struggling. I am most familiar with the entertainment and travel industries because I’m involved in both. Those industries have been brought to their knees because of the pandemic.

Social Media posts are turning brutal. I’d ignore social media if I could but its important for me to spend hours on-line so can keep up to date with the latest industry developments.

Six Flags amusement parks are opening shortly in locations throughout the USA. Opening during a pandemic is not an easy task. The owners want to protect both ticket holders and their staff. You are therefore required to wear a mask when working or visiting the park. Instead of reading encouraging “we wish you the best” or “we are excited you are opening for us”, social media is filled with hurtful messages from season pass holders saying that they “want their money back” and are “never returning” – why? – because they have to wear a mask….

Many of you have visited Pigeon Forge, TN with me and the finest theatre production in town is “Smoky Mountain Opry”. They just announced they will be closed for 2020 as its impossible for them to adhere to social distancing protocols. Theatres throughout the world have closed.

We are fortunate to have a national airline in our country. Air Canada has opened the world to us. Without that airline, travel will be much more difficult and prices will skyrocket. Social media posters are not supporting Air Canada.

A young entrepreneur from Fredericton, NB has diversified his clothing manufacturing business and has produced a line of designer masks. Some started posting on social media platforms he is a hoax and doesn’t exist.

When we eventually beat COVID how do we want to world to be?

I’d like the opportunity to once again visit Six Flags, Smoky Mountain Opry, fly on Air Canada and support a young entrepreneur’s clothing line in Fredericton.

If my favourite family-run restaurant is shut down, businesses are boarded up and the attractions I look forward to visiting every year are gone – its going to be a major letdown.

Let’s face it these aren’t easy times. Many are struggling not just to pay their mortgage but to put a meal on the table. The Canadian government has come out with many helpful programs but they aren’t available to all. Many small businesses do not quality. Many business owners may not see a paycheck for many months but even without an income they are trying to appease customers.

Let’s make a difference – I think we can!

Consider writing positive social media reviews about businesses that aren’t able to open right now – skip writing negative ones.

Share positive news about these businesses with friends and family.

Follow their social media posts and engage some positive online conversation.

Sign up for their newsletters/blogs/updates.

Consider offering to help them during these times by volunteering your time.

Send them a “How Are You” encouraging message. Let them know you anxiously wait for them to re-open.

When I woke this morning I couldn’t stop humming, Glen Campbell’s “Try A Little Kindness”.

Let’s spread more of that kindness and possibly we will can eventually wake up to more “Good News” headlines.

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  1. Gwen Pooley

    A very inspiring blog. Thank you.

    May 31, 2020 at 12:10 pm

  2. Helen Brenneman

    Great message to everyone

    May 31, 2020 at 12:16 pm

  3. Marge

    Thanks for such an uplifting message. Stay safe.

    May 31, 2020 at 12:39 pm

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