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ICE CREAM – “A Scoop of Deliciousness”

My latest “Road Trip With Bradley” celebrates Canadian Ice Cream – the “Perfect Scoop of Deliciousness”. I traveled throughout Southern Ontario over 2 days, visiting some of the most popular Ice Cream Dairy Bars.

Canadians are Ice Cream FANATICS – 90% of us savour this tasty, frozen treat during summer months.

Whether scooped into a bowl or piled into a cone, Ice Cream is THE awesome Canadian summer delicacy.

Canadians have many quirky ice cream habits.

Our preferred flavour – VANILLA – yes, its the best seller!

Our favourite ice cream sundae topping – HOT FUDGE. (My FAV too)

The busiest ice cream sales day – SUNDAY.

The most popular time for Canadians to reach for an ice cream cone – between the hours of 2 and 4pm.

A Canadian Ice Cream themed postage stamp was released in 2019. The stamp featured “Blue Ice Cream” topped of a cone.

The ice cream dairy bars I am featuring, all serve the good stuff. Most of these community icons have been tantalizing our tastebuds for decades.

During the hot and humid days of summer – why don’t you Cool Down – Ditch the Diet and Reward Yourself with a Scoop of Deliciousness!

There are a number of Ice Cream Dairy Bars located throughout Southern Ontario so you won’t have to travel far to get your Canadian ice cream fix.


Shaws Ice Cream

6598 Sunset Drive

St Thomas

Shaws Ice Cream Dairy Bar has been in operation since 1948. The location of this iconic Dairy Bar is the best – just a short drive from touristy, Port Stanley beach. Shaws produces 45 flavours of HARD ice cream in their St. Thomas facility. The good news is you don’t have to drive to St. Thomas in order to taste Shaws Irresistable Ice Cream. It’s available in select speciality shops and grocery stores throughout Ontario. A few months ago I was browsing in the Parion Animal Nutrition store in the farming community of Hickson. A young farmer saw me eying the tubs of Shows Ice Cream. He came over and told me Shaws Ice Cream is his favourite – his go to flavour is “Grammy’s Cupboard”. Shaws produces a quality ice cream – fresh 100% Canadian Dairy Cream is the main ingredient. Your biggest challenge will be deciding which flavour to choose – Betty’s Blueberry Cheesecake, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Double Stuffed Cookie…. Yummy!

Bartley’s Dairy Bar

853 Dundas Street


Bartley’s is the favourite ice cream bar in Woodstock. This Dundas Street landmark has been in operation since 1971. Bartley’s sells quality, vanilla soft-serve ice cream along with frozen yogurt. I highly recommend their seasonal toppings – local maple syrup, strawberries, peaches…. Delectable!

Erie Drive In

634 Erie Street


Erie Drive In has been in operation since the 50’s. You can’t miss its distinctive, nostalgic sign. This popular, Drive In has a dedicated, soft serve ice cream order window. Its also possible to pre-order ice cream tubs and ice cream sandwiches. Tasty!

Dairee Delite

10 King George Road


Dairee Delight has thrilled ice cream lovers for over 60 years. Originally known as Koster’s Cream-EEE-Freeze, the name changed to Dairee Delight in 1965. When I was a kid it was the ultimate treat when my parents bought me an ice cream cone from Dairee Delite. This festive looking, Dairy Bar specializes in Delites such as – Hot Fudge Brownie, Supreme, Peanut Butter Triple Threat. Mmmm!

Paris Twisted Treats

79 King Edward Street


Paris Twisted Treats is owned by a Mother and Son team. On hot summer days join the line to purchase their seasonal offerings such as fresh strawberry and butter tart sundaes (very Canadian). For hard ice cream lovers they have opened a NEW location in the downtown core of Paris. They named it, “What’s The Scoop”. Mouthwatering!

Four All Ice Cream Scoop Shop

75 King Street South


Four All Ice Cream was established in 2016. In order to handcraft the highest quality, all natural product, they operate the smallest dairy plant in Ontario. Four All Ice Cream will appease the pickiest ice cream connoisseur. Small batch flavours rotate so snap them up while you can – Queen of Roses, Honey Chamomile, Chocolate Lavender, Tiger Tail, Beer and Brownies. The name Four All was inspired by the owners family’s ice cream preferences – Classic, Vegan, Childhood and Foodie. Succulent!

Bradley’s Ice Cream Storing Tip

In order to keep a tub of ice cream fresher longer, once opened place a sheet of wax paper directly on the ice cream before you put the lid back on and place it in the freezer. This will help prevent crystallization. Another way to prevent crystallization – store the ice cream tub upside down in your freezer. Keeping a tub of ice cream fresh is not a typical problem because true Canadians will “devour” it long before crystallization forms!


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